This article plots the events which were shown or mentioned in the history of the Twelve Colonies.

By convention, all dates are relative to the Fall of the Twelve Colonies. Events before the Fall are marked as “BCH”, or “Before Cylon holocaust”. Given the few and somewhat contradictory dates about the Colonials’ ancient history and the exodus from Kobol, that part of the timeline is speculative. Dates after the fall of the Colonies are marked as “PCH” or “Post Cylon Holocaust”.

Ancient History

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  • Unspecified time period: Humans on the planet Kobol organize themselves into twelve tribes. According to at least one scripture, they “live in utopia with the gods.” The humans become sufficiently advanced to establish viable space travel and artificial, robotic life. Artificial life-forms, machines similar in nature to the later day Cylons, are created by the humans. A war against the machines occurs. At one point the machines evolve and take humanoid form, either before, during or after the war. This group of humanoid Cylons are later referred to in the Sacred Scrolls as the “Thirteenth Tribe,” although said text does not specify that they were a tribe of Cylons.
  • Over 17,000 years BCH: A supernova creates the Ionian nebula.
  • ca. 4,000 years BCH: The Thirteenth Tribe reportedly leaves Kobol and builds the Temple of Hopes on another planet. They pray for guidance and are shown the way to Earth, the planet they colonize.
  • ca. 3,600 years BCH: Pythia records her prophecies. Aside from reports of the landing on Earth and drawings of temples there, this book describes “the exile and rebirth of the human race” and a “dying leader” not making it to a “promised land,” though how long before her writings that such events took place is not revealed.
  • ca. 3,000 years BCH: A beacon is left at the Lion’s Head Nebula, later marking the way to Earth. At some undated point, someone travels from Earth to Kobol, passing on information about Earth, including a map of its night sky.
  • ca. 3,000 years to 2,000 years BCH: The humanoid Cylons of the Thirteenth Tribe prosper and begin to reproduce sexually. The technology of “organic memory transfer,” or downloading, is abandoned.
    • The Thirteenth Tribe produce their own mechanical Centurions to act as laborers for their civilization.
  • ca. 2,000 years BCH: (The order of events on Kobol and Earth is uncertain.)
    • The “Final Five,” are born on Earth.
    • The Final Five work together in a research lab attempting to re-develop downloading technology.
    • All five Cylons receive visions of beings nobody else can see warning them of an impending rebellion by Earth’s Centurion population. The Final Five prepare a resurrection ship and leave it in orbit.
    • The remaining Twelve Tribes leave Kobol and settle the Twelve Colonies.
    • Lord of Kobol “Athena” kills herself in despair over this. A tomb is built for her containing a 3-D projection showing Earth and its Zodiac. The projection is activated by the Arrow of Apollo, which travels with the twelve tribes.
    • The Centurion uprising occurs and the Thirteenth Tribe exterminates itself in a nuclear holocaust. Earth is left a nuclear wasteland. The Final Five die in the attack, and are resurrected on board their orbiting ship.
    • The Final Five begin a journey back to Kobol to find the other twelve tribes and inform them of Earth’s fate. They are aware of the cyclical nature of history and believe that the twelve tribes will create Cylons again. They want to warn them to treat them right. However, their ship is not equipped with a conventional FTL drive and journeys at relativistic sublight speeds.
  • 2,000 years to 52 years BCH: The Twelve Colonies grow and prosper. Each colony acts as a sovereign nation, complete with inter-colonial wars.
    • The Final Five stop at the Temple of Hopes as they retrace their tribe’s path.
    • The Final Five arrive at Kobol, finding the planet abandoned. They continue on in pursuit of the twelve tribes, heading toward the colonies.

Recent Colonial History

  • At least 200 years BCH: Humans develop an immunity to the virus causing Lymphocytic encephalitis.
  • ca. 93 BCH: Tauron Civil War

First Cylon War

  • 58—52 years BCH: With the use of a meta-cognitive processor stolen from Tauron rival Tomas Vergis, the Caprican tech CEO Daniel Graystone creates the first Cylons of the Twelve Colonies to aid in hard labor and warfare. A virtual copy of his dead monotheist daughter Zoe Graystone’s consciousness is downloaded into one. Humanity is unaware that they are repeating the actions of their ancestors on Kobol.
  • 52 years BCH:
    • Cylon revolt starts the first Cylon War.
    • Articles of Colonization signed (Colonial Day).
  • 51 years BCH: Colonial ship Brenik is lost after a boarding action by Cylon Centurions.
  • ca. 50 years BCH: Battlestar Galactica enters service.
  • 42 years BCH:
    • Battlestar Archeron destroyed by Cylon forces in Sector 12. All hands lost.
    • Battlestar Osiris destroyed over Djerba in suicide maneuver against lone Cylon Baseship. All hands lost.
    • Becca Kelly succeeds in her mission on Djerba, and is later killed by the Cylons. Ghost Fleet Offensive successful, decimating Cylon military holdings in five sectors.
    • Mechanical Cylons begin experiments constructing humanoid forms of Cylon.
  • 40 years BCH:
    • Experiments on “humanoid” Cylons culminate in the creation of the First Hybrid and subsequent Hybrids, but no fully humanoid forms.
    • The Final Five arrive in the Twelve Colonies in the waning days of the war.
    • The Five meet the local Cylons and negotiate an end to the war. They will give the Cylons biological bodies complete with resurrection technology if the Cylons agree to end the war.
    • Operation Raptor Talon conducted by the Colonial Fleet. Battlestar Columbia destroyed.
    • Armistice ends the Cylon War. Cylons exile themselves from the Twelve Colonies. The First Hybrid and his Guardians part company with the other Cylons.
    • William Adama musters out of the Colonial Fleet.

Inter-War Period

  • 37 to ca. 30 BCH:
    • The Cylons establish a secret base known as The Colony, built around and connected with the original ship of the Final Five. This is the place where research and development equipment belonging to the Final Five is stored.
    • The Final Five create John Cavil, the first of the new humanoid Cylons that are their “children,” and designate him model Number One. They raise him for some time.
    • John matures and assists the Final Five in the creation of seven other humanoid Cylon models. A resurrection system is built for the new models based on technology left over from the Thirteenth Tribe.
  • ca. 30 BCH:
    • Cavil murders model Number Seven, Daniel, out of jealousy by poisoning the amniotic fluid in which the Seven copies were maturing.
    • The Final Five are murdered by Cavil and their consciousnesses are boxed.
    • Cavil erases all knowledge of the Final Five and the missing model Number Seven from his fellow humanoid Cylon models and specifically programs them not to think about either.
  • 20 years BCH:
    • Last significant FTL jump recorded in Galactica’s logs.
    • Tom Zarek imprisoned for blowing up a government building on Sagittaron.
  • 6 years BCH: An aborted covert intelligence mission aboard Battlestar Valkyrie takes place. Daniel Novacek is shot down and captured by the Cylons.
  • 2 years BCH:
    • Caprica Six begins residence on Caprica, first encounters Dr. Gaius Baltar.
  • Between 5 and 1 Year BCH:
    • Gaius Baltar promises Caprica-Six full access to the Colonial Defence Mainframe if she helps him work on the Command Navigation Program.

Return of the Cylons

  • Zero Hour:
    • The Cylon fleet gathers at a staging area close to The Colony.
    • John Cavil makes his final preparations for the impending assault and visits a sealed-off resurrection chamber housing deactivated copies of the Final Five.
    • The Armistice Station is destroyed by Cylon forces, appear, and show themselves, (albeit in a more advanced form, as well as a humanoid version) for the first time in 40 years.
    • Galactica is decommissioned.
    • A Cavil meets with Caprica Six, who gives him the access codes to the Colonial Defence Mainframe.
    • The Cylon strike force simultaneously jumps into orbit around all twelve colonies and commences an all-out attack.
    • The Twelve Colonies are heavily bombarded by nuclear bombs.
    • Picon Fleet Headquarters is destroyed.
    • Commander Mitchell Hanson of the Battlestar Ulysses and team aboard a Raptor receive transmissions about the destruction of the Colonies. Hanson diverts Raptor to the Nogura Fleet Depot and orders nearby Colonials to rendezvous there.
    • Hanson’s team are swiftly joined by two other vessels and discover a Galactica-type Battlestar, the Solaria, laying in wait with a skeleton crew. Much of her crew were on shoreleave on Picon and other colonies, including her commaning officer. Commander Hanson assumes command and begins preparations to take Solaria into battle.
    • Galactica’s last Viper Mark VII squadron is destroyed.
    • Raptor containing several Colonial officers, including Captain Jonathan Kilmartin, receives transmission from Commander Hanson of the Solaria and diverts to the Nogura Fleet Depot. Several other craft follow suit including survivors from other Battlestars.
    • A battle near Virgon ends with the total loss of the remaining Colonial Fleet including the flagship Atlantia.
    • The Cylons begin landing ground forces on the Colonies.
    • Galactica engages Cylon Raiders and survives with moderate damage and 85 dead.
    • Last transmission from the Colonies received by Laura Roslin aboard Colonial Heavy 798 from a fellow secretary.
    • Case Orange contingency mechanism assigns Roslin the office of the President of the Twelve Colonies.
    • Roslin gathers stranded civilian and military ships in the vicinity of Caprica.
    • Commander Adama assumes overall Fleet command and orders regroup at Ragnar Anchorage.
    • Roslin’s fleet survives two Cylon attacks and meets at Ragnar.
    • Colonial forces at the Nogura Fleet Depot receive word of Atlantia Battlestar Group’s destruction, including Hanson’s ship, the Ulysses. More Colonial forces arrive and Solaria prepares to meet Galactica at Ragnar Anchorage.
    • The Twelve Colonies of Kobol lie in irradiated ruins. Their military has been utterly defeated and their infrastructure has been crushed. The result of the engagement is a complete victory for the Cylon forces.
    • The Cylon occupation of the Colonies begins.
    • Galactica changes from battle stance to civilian protection, and escorts the civilian fleet from Ragnar towards the Prolmar Sector.