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Current Date & Time: Stardate 67818.29 | May 13th, 2392

The USS Solaria is a Prometheus Class starship currently assigned to the 11th fleet. Her role as a tactical vessel sees the Solaria engage in crucial missions around the Federation and beyond her borders on a regular basis as her crew carry out Starfleet's mandate to 'explore strange new worlds, seek out new life and new civilizations and to boldly go where no one has gone before.'

Her latest adventures promise to be full of intrigue and suspense as the Solaria investigates the origins of the Rihansu Resistance, far beyond the borders of the Northern Expanse. What mysteries await her crew? Only one way to find out...

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Prior to May 13th, 2392

  • USS Solaria arrives back at Utopia Planitia Fleetyards for repairs and the crew are debrief at Starfleet Headquarters. After a series of intense debriefings and meetings with the Admiralty, Captain Drayton receives new orders for his ship; to join up with a newly formed Task Group in the Northern Expanse of Federation territory and investigate a series of pirate raids by a new terrorist faction from within the Romulan Star Empire called the Rihansu Resistance.
  • Before the ship embarks on her new mission she resupplies her cargo bays and engineers complete the refit of some of her systems.
  • Whilst they remain docked, Drayton interviews a number of applicants for roles aboard the ship in an effort to replace those who have decided to move on after a prolonged mission in the Beta Quadrant.
  • Solaria finally adopts the new uniforms and commbadge design the rest of Starfleet has adopted as part of her departmental reorganizations. Captain Drayton authorizes Security and Tactical to merge under the new moniker of Tactical Operations and a change of uniform colour to red. Flight Control becomes Flight Operations with a new royal blue uniform colour as part of the reorganization.

Stardate 67818.29. May 13th, Mission Day 01

  • Starfleet intelligence receives word that the Rihansu Resistance have hijacked a Federation Freighter and are threatening to kill hostages. Solaria is ordered to depart immediately and investigate.

Stardate 67818.29. May 18th, Mission Day 05

  • USS Solaria arrives at Omega Sagittarii to begin investigation into missing freighter, S.S. Tezra. Commander Shiloh leads an away team to the planets surface to talk with the planets Trade Commission.