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In a community that so many put their free time into, where they come to have fun and relax, it is nice to be able to thank our contributors and award them for their fantastic efforts. Whether it is someone new to the crew or someone who has been with us for years, we seek to thank EVERYONE for their contributions in various ways. Whether they have recruited countless individuals to the team, have created a new technology to aid us in our quest or have posted a fantastic amount, it is our desire to say “THANK YOU” for everything.

Tier 1 Awards

These are awards that crewmembers are entitled to, without nomination from anyone, simply for being here for a certain amount of time, or during particular missions for example. If you feel you are eligible but have not received an award, please feel free to contact the command staff.

Tier 2 Awards

Tier 2 awards are those that any player can be nominated for by other members of the crew. These nominations may, or may not, require a poll to confirm them, especially if there are multiple contenders.

Tier 3 Awards

Sometimes the only people who can really thank a person are those that run the sim; the command staff. Every so often they reserve special honours for individuals who go above and beyond to make the sim the success that it is. Those awards require no nominations and are given as and when the command staff see fit.

Solaria Awards

Tier 1 Awards Tier 2 Awards Tier 3 Awards