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Under the orders of Captain Nisea, and unlike the majority of the fleet, the Solaria follows a Four-Shift Rotation as detailed below. As per regulations, at Red Alert status, all senior officers report to designated stations, regardless of the time of day.

  • Alpha Shift: 0700-1300 hours
  • Beta Shift: 1300-1900 hours
  • Gamma Shift: 1900-0100 hours
  • Delta Shift: 0100-0700 hours

Bridge Rotation

All Senior Staff Members will work two shifts. One shift will be at their duty station, and the other to either fulfill administrative functions or command the bridge. These will be assigned at the discretion of the Executive Officer.

COMMAND Commanding Officer** Executive Officer** Second Officer* Senior Staff Rotation***
FIRST OFFICER Executive Officer** Second Officer* Officer of the Watch Chief of the Boat
FLIGHT OPERATIONS Chief Flight Operations Officer Flight Operations Officer Asst. Flight Operations Officer Flight Control Officer
OPERATIONS Chief Operations Officer Asst. Chief Operations Officer Operations Officer Operations Officer
TACTICAL OPERATIONS Chief Tactical Operations Officer Tactical Operations Officer Tactical Operations Officer Assistant Tactical Operations Officer
ENGINEERING Chief or Asst. Engineer* Engineer* Engineer* Engineer*
SCIENCE Chief Science Officer* Science Officer* Assistant Science Officer* Science Officer*

* Station manned when needed
** The CO and XO are required to be on call at all times. When not directly assigned, the CO and XO have time to handle administrative functions.
*** The Senior Staff will rotate through Delta Shift on the bridge. When assigned, their duty rotation will be altered to accommodate the additional duty. Each rotation lasts seven days.

Other Locations

MAIN ENGINEERING Chief Engineer Engineer Engineer Assistant Engineer
SICKBAY Chief Medical Officer Medical Officer Assistant Medical Officer Medical Officer
SHUTTLEBAY Shuttlebay Manager Runabout Pilot Shuttle Pilot Shuttlebay Manager*
SECURITY Chief Tactical Operations Officer Assistant Tactical Operations Officer Security Officer Security Officer
ARMORY Master at Arms Armory Officer Armory Officer Armory Officer