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Space: the final frontier. These are the voyages of the starship Solaria. Her continuing mission: to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations, to defend the articles of the Federation and to boldly go where no one has gone before.

The database records below are factual recounts of missions that the Solaria has engaged in. Those beyond the current mission are subject to change. For an archive of missions completed prior to the transfer to the Solaria, you can visit the main website.

Running The Gauntlet Campaign

The 35th Ferengi Rule of Acquisition is that peace is good for business. But peace seldom lasts forever.

Hostility, discord, pain and suffering. The Dominion War was a conflict that shattered the peace of the Alpha Quadrant and nearly brought several great empires to their knees. In the intervening years since the wars conclusion, all those involved have fought to bring peace and prosperity back to the quadrant and their once great organisations. It hasn’t been easy and there have been many skirmishes along the way, but an uneasy peace descended and has been upheld for over a decade.

The Cardassian Union is standing on its own again, the Klingon Empire has been restored to its former glories and the Romulan Star Empire is healing its wounds after the Hobus Incident but does so with the help of their Federation allies. Starfleet Command has re-organised and redistributed the twelve fleets of the Federation.

The winds of change are howling, the drums of war beat from the heart of the Klingon Empire following the sudden death of Chancellor Martok, the Romulan Empire is in disarray and a renewed terrorist threat operates on the Cardassian Border.

A new ship, a new area of operations and a new focus provides the crew of the Solaria with a welcome change of pace and an opportunity for some to forget the horrors of the past. But what fresh horrors await them as they "Run The Gauntlet" ?

Mission 1: Dramatis Personae


In Solaria's first mission, Captain Colby Drayton must lead a crew of replacements on a mission into the Northern Expanse of Federation space and deal with the lingering threat of the Rihansu Resistance. But, is everything as it seems?

Mission 2: Whispers In The Dark


For the crew of the Solaria, their second mission sees them come face to face with the apparent leaders of the Rihansu Resistance for the first time, deep into unknown territory far beyond the Northern Expanse. Whispers in the darkness promise to spell danger for the crew of the Starfleet ship...

Mission 3: Blood of the Empire


Peace and prosperity reigns along the Klingon-Federation border as the alliance goes from strength to strength. In celebration of the completion of Unity One, the first collaboratively constructed starbase between the two galactic powers, a host of diplomats and dignitaries arrive at the station to christen the new station. Among those present, Chancellor Martok himself. As the brain child behind the epic venture, the Chancellor has taken great interest in the project and vows to be at the opening ceremony.

But evil forces in the darkness threaten to destabilize everything the alliance has worked for...

Mission 4: Paradise Lost


Three days on from the assassination of Chancellor Martok aboard Unity One, the vessels of Task Force 11 begin to receive worrying reports of retaliatory strikes that could threaten the fragile peace. When sensor relay stations detect a massive build up of cloaked vessels near to the border, Starfleet's worst fears appear to be confirmed until the ships change course, destined for a surprise heading...

Captain Drayton and the Solaria lead the group into "The Gauntlet" to defend Federation interests and soon come up against some Klingon's who are baying for blood...

Mission 5: In Purgatory's Shadow


The Gauntlet, a corridor of space several light-years wide, has never been so aptly named. With the Klingon's firmly of the belief that the Romulans are responsible for the assassination of their Chancellor, the leaders of their most noble Houses launch strikes deep into Romulan space - the corridor has become hostile territory, despite it being Federation controlled space. Tactical Group 21 are tasked with protecting Federation ships and citizens within the corridor whilst the Diplomatic Corps works overtime to try and resolve the current situation.

But rumours of a massive Romulan counter-strike threaten the fragile alliance further. The Solaria must run the gauntlet and travel to the Zeta Pictoris system to try and get to the bottom of the developing situation, but what awaits them threatens to blow the Klingon investigation wide open...

Mission 6: By Inferno's Light


After receiving the devastating news that evidence points to Klingon conspirators in the assassination of Chancellor Martok, the leaders of the Empire's most noble Houses rally to appoint a new Chancellor. Starfleet Command remains hopeful that a new Chancellor will help to restore peace in the Quadrant, but peace seldom lasts forever, the winds of change are howling and the drums of war beat from the heart of the Klingon Empire.

A new leader is soon elected; Kureth, of the House of K'Mpar, is the chosen leader of the Empire. Starfleet hopes and dreams are shattered as Kureth recalls his ambassadors, orders all Klingon citizens out of Federation space and, perhaps most distressingly, once again dissolves the Khitomer Accords. With no choice but to fear the worst, Starfleet recalls the Solaria and Task Force 11 in order to defend Unity One, but is the order too late?

Rihansu Resistance Campaign

Mission 7: Captive Pursuit


Following the abduction of the Solaria's away team by a Romulan D'Deridex Class Warbird, Captain Drayton orders the Solaria to give chase into Romulan territory, despite the protestations of the new Romulan Republic...

Mission 8: Destiny


With the Resistance warbirds escorting the Solaria out of Romulan territory, they come face to face with their biggest threat to date as tensions rise at an alarming rate...

Mission 9: Inter Arma Enim Silent Leges


With conflict on the horizon between the Romulan Republic, the Rihansu Resistance and the Federation, the crew of the Solaria throw caution to the wind and risk everything to prevent war, remembering the age old adage; "In times of war, the law falls silent."

People Over Profit Campaign

Mission: Profit Motive

Mission: Profit and Loss

Mission: Reunion

Mission: Fair Trade

Mission: Sacrifice of Angels

Personnel Conflict Campaign

Mission: Invasive Procedures

Mission: Equilibrium

Mission: The Collaborator

Mission: Ethics

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Project Outreach Campaign

Mission: Learning Curve

Mission: Emanations

Mission: Resurrection

Mission: Retrospect

Mission: Waking Moments