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Posted on Fri Aug 11th, 2017 @ 9:16pm by Captain Colby Drayton

Hello all!

I thought it was about time that I filled you in on some recent changes and developments for the sim.

Firstly, the eagle eyed among you will have spotted that we have had a bit of a face lift. I have updated our colour scheme and our theme to something a bit more modern in the world of trek design.

The theme also correlates with the new wiki database I have created. The new link is . The reason for this new database was to fix some problematic errors with the technical side of the old wiki. Over the next few weeks I'll be transferring over the last few pages (mainly the tour section) and sorting image links. If anyone wants to lend a hand, please let me know! You are all welcome to register on the wiki and add character images to your pages.

We also need to go through the awards and transfer them to the main nova website where we post. I'd really appreciate any help anyone has to offer here.

On a personnel level, it is my sad duty to report that I have removed Bahrat, aka Lieutenant Jaha. Tactical is now open. Please remember to circulate our link, our name and our fabulous work with others in the hopes of drawing in new people.

On a different level, I have been appointed as the new TFCO of one of Pegasus Fleet's Task Forces, TF11. This TF focuses on the Klingons and the Gorn which will mean a shift in focus after the current mission. The XO and I are working on a plausible way to fit this in to the new mission. This recognition is all thanks to you and your efforts. Each month we have surpassed our efforts and achieved greater success. That is all down to you, so thank you!

You'll have seen on Discord that I shared an invite link with you all. The link is to the new TF11 discord channel. As the TF flagship I'd like us to have a presence there and start to form links with other crews and players. We'll all be working on the same plots so some interaction would be great.

For now, I think that is all. Keep up the good work peeps!



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