The Gamma Quadrant Awaits

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An aging Galaxy class cruiser that survived the war, sent out for one last major mission to explore some of the far reaches of the Gamma quadrant. With a brash commanding officer that has ruffled a few feathers at Starfleet Command, the assignment for the Solaria is supposed to be more of a punishment than an opportunity as the crew are sent into the wilderness to try and stay out of commands way. But what weird and wonderful things will they find along the way?

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Included Missions

Episode 1: The Gamma Quadrant Awaits...

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Solaria limps through the wormhole having had a number of engine troubles since leaving Starbase 565, her reputation seemingly preceding her as she arrives at DS11 to little fanfare despite the TF's recent losses. It seems like no one particularly wants the ship, nor her Captain, in the area. The crew are given as much assistance as possible so that they can get the ship up to full operational capacity in a bid to get them as far away from trouble as possible. But trouble is always just around the corner for the crew of this aging Galaxy-class cruiser...

Lady Luck

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Lady luck never seems to smile on the crew of the Solaria. After a seemingly disastrous first contact with the Rakhar people, the ship travels to her next destination via the Moray Nebula. Before entering the Mutara-class nebula, Captain Azulas orders the crew to evacuate much of the lower decks and baton down the hatches for a potentially rough ride. With the crew isolated to a number of decks they prepare to ride out the storm. But, little more than six hours in, strange beings board the ship and begin to render her crew unconscious...

Something Wicked This Way Comes

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With the Solaria retaken and tensions with the Wobani easing at last, the crew take some time to relax as they travel to their next destination, but familiar technical failures soon rear their ugly heads. But is something more sinister afoot?