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A Shock Change of Plan

Posted on Mon May 29th, 2017 @ 6:11pm by Captain Colby Drayton & Captain Nisea

Mission: Dramatis Personae
Location: Ready Room, Deck 1
Timeline: Stardate 67818.29: MD02, 1747 Hours

The day was nearly over and it had been more eventful than the Captain had anticipated when he had woken up next to his loved one this morning. He had intended it to be a quiet one by his standards, with little for him to do but continue to trawl through reports and personnel files. Instead, he had chewed out a new problem officer, had met with his security chief regarding the MVAM and the problems it had had recently. With the system now aligned correctly, the main tactical asset for the vessel was working and it was down to Engineering to get the rest of the ships systems working before the launch deadline in a few days.

But whilst he had been reading some intelligence files regarding the Romulan resistance movement that they would soon be investigating, Colby had been informed that Admiral Evans of Starfleet Intelligence himself had contacted the ship and would be beaming aboard shortly and as such, Drayton had dropped everything and made his way to the Observation Lounge where he would meet the Admiral in just mere moments.

Standing at the window, his right hand braced on the window frame as he looked out at the stars and other vessels moving around the Sol System. In the distance, the Captain could make out the frame of an Akira class gliding high above the planetary installations on Mars’ surface. The Akira, odd in design compared to many Starfleet vessels, was one that Drayton had a particular fondness for. Engrossed in his own thoughts, the Captain almost missed the sound of the doors parting and granting entrance to the African-American Admiral, a security officer of his own and a third officer of a species that the Captain had never actually seen before. He stepped away from the window and offered a hand to the Admiral as he nodded to the security officer for him to wait outside.

“Admiral Evans,” he welcomed with a nod and a firm hand shake.

“Captain Drayton, a pleasure,” Evans responded in his gruff voice before releasing his subordinates hand and gesturing to the woman beside him. “Captain Colby Drayton, may I introduce Commander Nisea,” the Admiral revealed.

“Captain,” Nisea nodded as she shook hands with the Captain.

“A pleasure, Commander,” Drayton nodded as he completed the round of welcomes and stepped aside, gesturing for both to join him around the large rectangular conference table that dominated the room. He took his usual seat at the head of the table, with Evans pulling out the nearest chair, and Nisea sitting furthest away from the Captain. “So, to what do I owe this pleasure?” Drayton added at last as he opted to try to get to the bottom of their presence on his ship.

“Intelligence operatives in the Northern Expanse have received word that a Federation freighter, the S.S. Tezra, has been hijacked,” the Admiral informed, instantly drawing a concerned expression from the Captain who’s whole demeanour changed as he sat forward in the chair. “I want you to investigate,” Evans added.

Drayton let out a sigh as he looked at the Admiral, the earlier words of Admiral Kerr flying around inside his head as he contemplated a response, “sir, you must know that Admiral Kerr has charged us with investigate…” then he paused and nodded slowly. Of course the Admiral knew and he had a sudden feeling he knew why Evans was here. “Intelligence suspects the Rihansu Resistance. That’s why you want us,” the Captain surmised.

“We don’t just suspect them Captain,” Evans retorted in a matter-of-fact way, “we have received a transmission where they take responsibility and have even threatened to execute crew members of the Tezra unless we respond and meet them for talks,” the well-built man revealed.

Drayton gently slid back in his chair and let out a little whistle. “We can go sir, but we’re still missing some key personnel,” Drayton responded as he played through the list of vacancies in his head, “most notably I don’t have an executive officer yet,” he concluded. Engineering would be annoyed with an early departure, but there was nothing going on that they couldn’t complete en-route,but not having several officers in place was a more serious matter.

“You do now,” Evans smiled as he turned and looked at Nisea. “Commander Nisea here will be joining you as Acting Executive Officer until you appoint someone permanently.”

Drayton raised an eyebrow in surprise as he looked at the woman with crab-like cranial appendages on the back of her head, then back at the Admiral.

“I have no desire to remain here permanently Captain,” Nisea revealed (much to the Captain’s apparent relief) as she sat forward in her chair. “Frankly sir, I serve Starfleet Intelligence in command positions as required and I like my job, but I will support and serve you as well as I possibly can for the duration of my stay here,” the woman revealed.

“I appreciate your honesty Commander and I look forward to your time with us,” the Captain responded. Had it not been for her honesty, he may have felt differently. He hated it when the Admiralty interfered in personnel matters, but knowing she would only be aboard temporarily made him feel a bit better. He looked back at the Admiral, “we can be underway in the next hour sir. We can be in the Expanse within the next forty-eight hours at maximum warp,” he told.

Evans nodded and rose from his seat, both Drayton and Nisea echoing his movements as the three exchanged handshakes once more. “Whatever happens Captain, I want those people back alive,” Evans instructed before heading to the door and departing the lounge, leaving the new acquaintances together.

The two command officers shared a knowing look with each other before the Captain reached down and pressed one of the control buttons on the table top. “=/\=All hands, this is the Captain. Condition Orange. Repeat, Condition Orange. Departure stations,” and with the termination of the communications channel, a sound something akin to a monotonous, intermittent drone began to ring out around the ship as the alert klaxon served as an audible warning that the crew had to go to departure stations. The accompanying change of the strobe lighting around the ship in key positions changed to a flashing orange colour.

It would not be long until the ship would be ready to depart, but in the meantime both Drayton and his new executive officer, had work to do.


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