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Calling Home

Posted on Mon May 29th, 2017 @ 9:02pm by Lieutenant Michael Shinnick

Mission: Dramatis Personae
Location: Main Engineering
Timeline: Md 02 1200 hrs

Lieutenant Michael Shinnick had spent the last hour replacing the intermix chamber of the Solaria’s main warp core. During the ship’s previous mission she developed a micron thick long fissure on the inside of the chamber. While he could have just sealed the crack with a micro welder, but while he had the facilities he was going to take advantage of them and instead decided on getting a full replacement instead. The physical act of switching out the components was easy enough but for some reason synchronizing the matter and antimatter streams was not going as planned. Every time he would adjust the flow rate of one then the other would destabilize and unbalance the whole system. Out of irritation he reached for a hyperspanner to beat some sense into the argumentative machine when he froze once he got a glimpse at the chrono.

It was 1200 hours and he was about to be late for his lunchtime call to his wife. When he was “given” this new assignment he and Nicole had agreed that it would be best for the kids if they stayed on Earth while he was away on missions. It would be hard for the family man to be away from them but he knew that Nicole’s position as a councilor at Starfleet Academy would provide the kids safety and stability that life on a starship could not. So the couple scheduled three video calls a day to better cope with the separation.

Michael raced to his office and began typing in his command code even before his body made contact with the chair. By the time he was fully seated, the logo of the Academy dominated the screen and it was only a second before the visage of an attractive blonde woman smiling back at Michael. “Bout time! Let me guess, you or wrapped up in work again.”

The engineer sheepishly smiled and ran his hands through his hair. “Hey honey nugget. Ya sorry this intermix chamber is being a real pain. If I didn’t know better I would think that the blasted thing had a gremlin.”

Nicole laughed at her husband. “If that’s the case then just expose the thing to sunlight and that will kill it.”

Michael could only smile at his beloved’s response. “That’s why I love you. I’m gonna miss you more than words can say my darling. I’m sorry that my behavior has caused me to be away from you and the kids.”

Nicole’s expression soured for a second. “Stop it! You did nothing wrong. You have always put too much pressure on yourself. You expect perfection out of yourself and expect the same out of others. I love you and we’ll be together soon. How long till you launch?”

“We launch at the end of the week. I promised the Captain that I would get the warp corps running by the end of shift so I should probably get back to work. But as soon as I am done I’ll beam down and we can have a nice family dinner.”

“Sounds good to me. I love you Michael. Give that gremlin hell!” replied his wife before blowing a kiss.

“I love you to Nicole.” replied Michael as he to blew a kiss. When the screen went black a single tear rolled down his cheek. After a second to compose himself, the Chief Engineer made his way back into the main floor and grabbed a coil spanner from his tool belt. The sooner he got this done, the sooner he could hold his family in his arms.


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