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Mission Briefing

Posted on Fri Jun 16th, 2017 @ 7:35pm by Captain Colby Drayton & Lieutenant Odan Jaha & Lieutenant Jun'ko Zane & Lieutenant Michael Shinnick & Lieutenant JG Paul Winchester & Captain Nisea & Lieutenant Commander Koseth
Edited on on Sat Jun 17th, 2017 @ 3:10pm

Mission: Dramatis Personae
Location: Observation Lounge, Deck 1
Timeline: Stardate 67818.29: MD02, 1900 Hours

The Solaria was at last underway having had her departure time significantly brought forward by the head of Starfleet Intelligence. With the ship en-route to Deep Space 5 in the Copernicus Sector of the Northern Expanse, where she would pick up the last of her crew, the Captain had summoned what staff he had to the briefing room to fill them in on the task at hand. It did not escape his attention that most of the senior staff had not yet met and whilst this was not ideal preparation for a mission of such importance, he had been left with little choice but to proceed as he had. Besides, he would allow them some time in the intervening forty-eight hours for them to mingle and get to know each other.

Now though, he led the exodus from the main bridge through the short walk through deck one to the large room at the back of the bridge. The observation lounge dominated the aft section of deck one and her large bay windows overlooked the nacelles and stardrive section of the mighty Prometheus-class vessel. For a ship with such an 'ugly' mission profile, she was surprisingly graceful in her movements and her figure rather shapely.

Entering the room, the Captain strolled to his chair at the head of the table and gestured to his companions to take their seats.

Michael, with his uniform jacket open as always, was the next man to enter the lounge and he looked especially displeased. The Chief Engineer took his place at the table before he dared speak. "With no disrespect Captain, but what is going on? Repairs aren't done yet and I barely have a staff."

"You'll find out shortly Lieutenant," the Captain responded, not yet sure the man had earned the right to speak like that, regardless of whether he had meant no disrespect or not, but for now the Captain would let it slide.

Paul entered the room and nodded to those that were in a attendance and scanned the table for an empty chair and found one and headed towards it, He said," Captain", as he knew that acknowledging his commanding officer might help him on the right track, That is if the stores Manager hurried up with the supplies that was promised them on time.

A bit later than the bridge staff Jun'ko showed up her tactical vest closed off and fitting perfect as always and if it had not been for the sound of the door she might not even have been noticed. She walked to the head of the table handing the Captain an encrypted padd, "Latest updates as of 12 hours ago." She said and with that she took her own seat, leaning back just a little ready to observe the senior staff, intelligence training had a tendency to stick around.

Drayton accepted the intelligence updates from Lieutenant Zane with a nod and a smile. As she was the last to enter the briefing room he called the meeting to order and began proceedings. "Ladies and gentlemen. I'm sorry we had to cut short our time at Utopia but our mission has been advanced several days due to some shocking developments," he then passed the meeting over to his new XO who was well versed on the situation.

Commander Nisea rose from her chair and activated the massive wall mounted console on the bulkhead opposite the large bay windows. On it, there was a display of their destination. "People, this is the Northern Expanse and this, is our destination," she revealed. "Several days before the Solaria arrived at Utopia, Starfleet received a transmission from a group calling themselves the Rihansu Resistance. This group objects to the way that the Empire is being managed following the Hobus Incident and is being labelled by the new Imperial Senate as a terrorist group. This group wishes to talk with Starfleet and the Federation about being recognized as a legitimate faction with a claim to the Empire."

Nisea returned to her seat and Drayton once again took over the briefing. "Our timetable was brought forward by Admiral Evans of Starfleet Intelligence earlier today after Starfleet received confirmation that the Resistance have hijacked a Federation freighter and are threatening to kill its crew. We have been ordered to investigate and if needs be, rescue the crew of the freighter," Drayton revealed to the assembled group.

Paul raised his hand for a moment looking at Drayton as if to ask permission to speak, He said," Sir, If you read my supply report, we only have enough hand weapons for just us and a third of the Security department" passing the information along.

"I think that will not be an issue, going in with force is going to set a precedent Starfleet Command would not want and even if they would want it, the Council would never agree. How we are going to solve this situation is going to have some long lasting effects and no doubt the media will get hold of the story sooner rather than later." Jun'ko said, not one bit happy about the mission as frankly there was no perfect solution easily available provided the hijackers would not be willing to talk.

Michael looked at Jun'ko. "How long till we reach the freighter? I need about a day to bring the transporters back online."

"It will take forty seven hours and eighteen minutes to reach Deep Space Five. It will then take an additional four hours to reach the apparent location, as shared by Admiral Evans, of where the Resistance wish to meet," Commander Koseth, the Vulcan Flight Operations Officer, informed.

"Until we reach D-S-5," Drayton called out, "all efforts will be on ensuring as many of the ships systems are functioning as well as possible. Lieutenant Ja'ha," the Captain paused as he looked towards the Klingon Tactical officer. "Your report on the tactical systems please?"

"All systems ready, sir." The Chief Tactical Officer's response was brief yet precise. Ja'ha looked down at the tactical station again and rolled over the data - after his careful fine tuning over the past many hours things were in order - he had made sure of that. The Klingon felt that they were fully ready for whatever lurked in that darkness beyond.

"Mr Winchester," Drayton spoke firmly as he turned his attention to the Ops Chief. "You will report to Lieutenant Shinnick after this meeting and render whatever assistance you can to get the rest of the systems operational. I want us at peak efficiency," the Captain ordered, "no excuses."

"Sir, it will mean that we won't have any Gel packs available in case we have to render aid to the ship", replied Paul, as he continued," As we only have 35 crates of spares that were sent by the stations stores", as he reported to the Captain. He finished," I am requesting that you ask D-S-5 Stores to replenish what the USS Trenzalore took from us."

"Commander Nicea, you will take care of it," the Captain ordered. "You have 48 hours to get this ship ready. Get to it," he ordered as he rose from his seat and led the exodus from the observation lounge.

Michael was the first to leave as he practically ran out of the room. He had a lot of work to do and barely anytime. Over the next two days his staff would truly learn to hate him. No matter what it took he was going to get this ship fully operational.

Paul was not happy as he knew his teams were going to be stretched to the limits and watching the Chief engineer leg it out of the briefing room, he knew that he had to follow him and chat with him about the work. He rose from the chair and headed out the door. This he knew was going to be tough what with the amount of supplies they had to work with.

Jun'ko looked at the captain and XO, "The next dispatch should be in 2 hours, I will update you both if we learn anything useful, so far it has been mostly guesswork and profiles based on what might be the type of people we are dealing with." she said standing up, "Perhaps it is time for a few calls." she added, she had build up a small network on her own as most good people within intelligence tended to do.

Drayton nodded slowly. "Okay all, dismissed." He eventually instructed.

With that Jun'ko left the room swiftly and silently, she had her job to do and that meant dropping some calls to see who was willing to trade.


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