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Departure Stations

Posted on Mon Jun 5th, 2017 @ 9:30pm by Captain Colby Drayton & Captain Nisea & Lieutenant Commander Koseth & Lieutenant Odan Jaha & Lieutenant Jun'ko Zane & Lieutenant Michael Shinnick & Lieutenant JG Paul Winchester

Mission: Dramatis Personae
Location: Bridge, Deck 1
Timeline: Stardate 67818.29: MD02, 1845 Hours

Departure stations had been ordered by the Captain just short of an hour earlier and both he and Commander Nisea, the new executive officer, had spent the hour on the bridge. They had discussed a range of topics, including ship operations, the Captain's expectations, their mission profile for the task ahead and recent crew additions, all interspersed with periodic interruptions from crew members who needed to bring one (or both) of the officers up to speed with developments.

With both of the officers sat comfortably in their command chairs the new Syllian commander looked at her captain who gave her a nod and seal of approval. She tapped her commbadge and opened a ship wide communications channel. "=/\=All departments, submit status reports to the XO."

[Around the Ship]

From the bowels of the ship close to one of the computer cores Jun'ko got the message from the bridge. Out of habit she send a written report up encrypted to only be viewed by the XO and CO. It was a simple all clear, there was after all not much that needed to be done and most that needed to be done was not really the type of information that would interest an XO or CO.

A highly irritated Michael grabbed a nearby PADD and typed up a report of what was fully functional and what was yet to be completed. Unfortunately the second list was far longer than the first and apparently he was given no more time to shorten it. Whatever the reason for the shortening of his schedule, he would have to do whatever it took to make sure they were prepared for whatever they were about to face. With a final double check to ensure accuracy, Michael hit send.

Paul sat in his quarters going over the two PADD's that Ensign Grier had brought him two hours ago and was not impressed to say the least, as he heard the message come over the Com, Paul uploaded both PADD's to his terminal and shot the report straight off to the intended recipient. He then rose from his chair and headed for the exit of his quarters and headed towards deck one.


"Doesn't look good," Nisea mused as she looked over the report from Engineering on the console between her chair and that of the Captain's. She pointed to one or two of the entries that Lieutenant Shinnick had listed and let out a grimace as she exchanged glances with the Captain.

"We have no choice," he spoke as he acknowledged the report but glanced forward. He noted that Lieutenant Winchester and Lieutenant Ja'ha were both conspicuous by their absences. He would give them a few more minutes before he'd get Nisea to summon them. "Commander Koseth. Bring the impulse and warp engines online," he ordered of the forward most officer on the bridge.

The Vulcan at Flight Control gave a singular nod and began the process of co-ordinating with engineering as they powered up the warp core.

As the lift doors parted Paul made his way down to the front of the bridge taking his seat, He said, "I'm sorry I'm late Sir, but I was just finishing a call with the Station's Quartermaster about our Supplies", He finished, "I have just sent a report in on the matter just moments ago."

The Klingon Chief Tactical Officer made entry and stood square-shouldered at his tactical station as he carefully checked over his systems. His face was sober and serious. He had been carrying out his captain’s orders – all handhelds had been accounted for and recalibrated and the discrepancy with the multi-vector assault mode had been verified and corrected, “All systems go on my end,” Ja’ha bellowed across the bridge.

Drayton shared a quick glance with Nisea who confirmed receipt of the report. Drayton nodded and let Winchester assume his position. "Lieutenant, contact the station and have them clear us for departure," he ordered.

"Aye Sir," replied Paul as he tapped a few commands in to his console and opened a channel, He said, "Control this is the USS Solaria, we are ready to depart," as he waited for the response from the station's control tower.

"=/\= This is Starbase control, you are green to depart USS Solaria, Good hunting and come back safe," replied the voice of the control officer, as the channel closed leaving Paul to report back to the Captain.

"Captain, we are cleared to depart", replied Paul as he waited for the orders to get underway, However; he still was not happy going out without the right amount of supplies and would have to have a talk with Drayton about it.

Thompson was in Engineering working on getting things ready, he knew the Chief was not in a good mood so he tried to avoid him at the moment. He just worked on getting things done and keeping the other Engineers in line and working on getting the work done quickly but right.

"=/\=Bridge to a Engineering. Report," the female voice of the new executive officer called out.

Michael reached over and jabbed his combadge/ =/\= Engineering to Bridge. Engines are fully operational, and that's about it."

"=/\=I appreciate your efforts Lieutenant. Once we are at warp, get yourself to the observation lounge on deck one and I'll fill you in on the situation," Drayton added over the comm.

With confirmation from engineering that the engines were ready, and the clearance from dock to take the ship out, Drayton smiled as he nodded at Nisea. The Syllian sat on the edge of her chair and issued her orders. "Ops, clear all moorings. When clear, helm, take us out at one quarter impulse."

"Aye Ma'am", replied Paul as he started to tap commands upon his console, He continued "Umbilical cords have detached and we are ready to go", as Paul looked over at the Helm officer.

"All ahead, one quarter impulse power," Koseth spoke from the conn.

The Prometheus class Starship began to slowly glide out of the docking facility she had been housed in, eventually leaving her behind and making her way from Mars orbit. Soon enough, the ship was clear of the Solaria System and sped to warp.

Their new journey had begun.


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