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A first meeting

Posted on Mon May 29th, 2017 @ 11:54pm by Lieutenant JG Paul Winchester & Ensign Isabella Grier
Edited on on Tue Jul 11th, 2017 @ 8:01pm

Mission: Dramatis Personae
Location: Corridor
Timeline: MD 2 14:00 Hours

Having left Sick bay, Paul decided to check in on Cargo bay1 and check on how much of the supplies had been brought aboard. He headed towards the nearest turbolift to make sure that everything that was needed was being brought onboard however; he had to get used to the layout of this ship pretty quickly as he was its Chief Operations officer. Paul began to wonder where he would have been if he hadn't made the mistakes he had and still regretted yelling at Lieutenant Aya all those years ago.

It had been after that situation that his life had gone out of control and he had started to drink heavily after his fiance had dumped him the night of their wedding. He had, however, forgiven Siren for what she had done, but he hadn't forgiven himself for how he had treated the young Lieutenant.  Now here he was, strolling around a Prometheus class vessel after being given one more a chance to redeem himself.
As he continued on down the corridor he noticed a young female Ensign hurrying out of the doors that led to the cargo bay. Paul said,” Excuse me Ensign, may I ask  what the hurrying is about?” asking the question as he noticed she was holding a PADD in her hands.
As she looked at the rank pips on his collar, she replied,”Sorry sir I did not see you,” as Paul looked back at her she continued,  “I’m Ensign Isabella Grier, Sir,” giving her name to him.
Paul gave a nod and replied, “I’m Lieutenant Paul Winchester, Chief Operations officer,” looking back at the blonde haired Ensign who gulped in shock, Paul asked again,”So Ensign Grier, what seems to be the problem?”
“Well Sir,” she stammered looking back at him as she continued,”for the last few days I have had to run the stores as we have no Quartermaster.”
As Paul hadn't known about this problem having not checked the roster yet, he responded, “so I ask again Ensign, what is the problem?”
Isobella handed the PADD that she was holding over to him. She replied,” I was on my way to see the Second officer about this Sir,” as Paul glanced down at the PADD and looked back at her not happy to say the least.
He responded, “Are you telling me Ensign that only half the requested supplies have turned up for each department?” as he looked back at her and waited for a response.
“No Sir, not half,  but two thirds of it,” she stated looking down at the floor. She continued, “I have tried to talk with stores, but they won't talk to me,” she finished,” which was why I was going to see the Second officer,”
“What!” exclaimed Paul “you're kidding me, right?” he continued, looking back at her as he watched her shake her head, “Follow me Ensign, I want to see these crates before they are moved,” as she stepped in behind him.
[Cargo Bay 1]
Paul entered the room and found antigrav sleds with crates. He asked her, “Is this today’s shipment?” moving towards the first set of crates as he pointed to the set that were heading towards them as he knew this did not look good. He knew the Captain was already annoyed at him and he didn't want anymore things to go wrong.
Isobella replied, "Sir, they came in two days ago”, looking back at the Operations chief, she knew that her boss was now in a foul mood and didn't want to annoy him further, however she knew that he was going to have to discuss this with the Captain after he had spoken with the Stores manager.
“So what you are telling me Ensign is that Shipments are every two days?” Paul responded trying to work out why it was going slow getting the supplies in, he turned to face Ensign Grier once more, he knew that the young Ensign was only doing the best she could with what she had and Paul understood that and the impossible situation that she found herself in.
Isobella gave a short nod of her head indicating to the Chief Operations officer that he was correct. She also didn’t want to explain why or why it had been like this, but she gathered that he had not long come aboard and had ended up with this mess to deal with.
“Very well Ensign”, he responded in a calm voice as he looked at the stacked crates and then back to her. He continued, “I want a list of all the containers and the ones we are missing brought to my quarters in three hours," he continued, "and any new shipments are to be added to the first list, understood?” keeping his gaze fixed on her.
“Aye sir, understood," replied Isobella looking up at him as she waited to be dismissed, She though~boy is he cute~ as she knew that romances between her rank and his were frowned upon, but that didn'it stop her from looking.
"Dismissed Ensign,” Paul replied.
As he watched Ensign Grier leave him, he knew that he had better get back to his room to start making his first report, a report that might make the Captain and others angry again, as he turned and headed for the exit of the Cargo bay and back to his quarters on Deck 2.


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