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Tracking the Supplies

Posted on Sun Jun 4th, 2017 @ 1:59pm by Ensign Isabella Grier
Edited on on Tue Jul 11th, 2017 @ 7:59pm

Mission: Dramatis Personae
Location: Cargo Bay 1
Timeline: MD 2 14:40 Hours

After Lieutenant Winchester had left Cargo bay 1, Isobella looked back at the crates that had been delivered Two days ago although this  was her first assignment out of the academy, Isobella knew that their would be times like this and just work through them as she noticed a few other Ensigns over by the older shipments although she had joined Starfleet when she was 20.

Just then one of her classmates who had been assigned to the Solaria walked over to her. “Hey Izzy, who was that you were just talking to Chica?” Ensign Romana Romanov asked as she came to a stop next to her friend, nodding towards Paul who was leaving the bay.

“Oh hey Romie”, replied Isobella.  Watching her new boss exit the bay,  She continued,” That my dear was the new Chief Operations officer, who by the way, is now pissed off,” glancing back at her friend, She finished,” He wants everything uncataloged and then redone again of what we have and what we have missing.”

“You're joking right?” replied Romana. looking back at Isobella who shook her head, Romana continued, ”That’s going to take us over three hours to do,” as she placed both hands upon her hips.  She finished, “And where is the Quartermaster?” she pouted after asking the question to her friend.

Isobella replied, “Well, You're looking at her.”

“What the hell!” responded Romana looking back at Isobella, “You mean on top of your Operations duties?” She gave her friend a look, “You're running the stores as well?” she finished, speaking as she stood in front of her friend. Romana knew that she was going to be shattered every night. She put a hand on Isobella’s shoulder and knew she had to help her friend. Romana stated, ”If you are going to do this then I’m going to help you,” giving her a smile.

Isobella looked back at her friend, “You will,” she said  with some relief, as she continued, ”Thank you Romana, it will help if we split it between us when one is on Ops duty and the other is doing the stores,” she added as she knew that she could not be in two places at once, but at least she knew that she was getting some help from Romana now.

“Why you little minx, you tricked me!” Replied Romana, looking at her friend with a twinkle in her eye she continued, “and into helping you, didn't you?” giving her a smile, teasing her friend.

Isobella replied, “A little bit,” returning a smile she continued, “But now we have three hours to redo this lot before I have to hand in the report to Lieutenant Winchester,” as the smile faded from her face, she finished, “So let’s get cracking shall we?” Nodding to Romana. As she turned and headed over towards the other Ensigns, Romana started to follow her.


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