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A first meeting with the CEO

Posted on Tue Jun 20th, 2017 @ 8:27pm by Lieutenant JG Paul Winchester & Lieutenant Michael Shinnick
Edited on on Tue Jul 11th, 2017 @ 7:58pm

Mission: Dramatis Personae
Location: Bridge
Timeline: MD 2 19:40 Hours

Having left the briefing room, Paul had managed to catch up to the Chief Engineer, He Called," Lieutenant Shinnick, Wait up, we need to talk", as he walked down the corridor as he hoped that the Lieutenant had heard him. . As he continued after him, Paul knew that having the supply problem had not helped the fact that they were low on stock However; he had to join forces with the Chief engineer to get the ship ready.

Michael stopped dead in his track, If there was one thing he hated, it was being interrupted. He had a lot of work and barely enough time to get it done. Whatever the Lieutenant wanted it better be important. "What is it?"

Paul replied," The Captain want's us to work together to get this ship ready", looking at the Chief Engineer, He continued," Both of our teams can get the work done faster if we work together", as he came to a stop. He finished," That's if you are willing?" posing the question to the officer in front of him.

Michael looked visibly annoyed by the question. "Of course I am willing, that is as long as your people understand that Engineering is in charge. We have a lot to get done and we don't have time for mistakes. If that is satisfactory then meet me in Main Engineering in fifteen minutes with a list of all the supplies we have."

Paul handed over the PADD that he had been carrying and said," Here you go, What you see in white is what we got", looking at the CEO, He continued," And what is in Red is what we don't have". as he waited for the chief Engineer to explode.

Michael face instantly turned crimson, how on Earth was he gonna pull this off. "So basically we have next to nothing!" After a moment the Chief Engineer calmed down and thought about their options. "We could modify some of these parts to do the job of the missing components and we'll have to work around the rest. How many men do you have with actual engineering experience?"

"More or less," replied Paul looking back at the Chief Engineer as he knew that the engineer would be angry at the missing equipment, but he also knew that he would come up with a plan to use what they had. He watched the Lieutenant calm down, He replied," I made it a requirement for all staff to have engineering experience,"

"Fine have everyone available report to Main Engineering." Michael barked as her turned to hurry back to his work area. Before he entered the turbolift, he paused and turned to the fellow Lieutenant. "Just make sure they know who is in charge down there."

Paul replied," Now just a frigging Minute Michael, We are supposed to work together, Not you run the roost over my department," As he followed the engineer, He continued," It is not my fault that the Trenzalore took our supplies, So why don't you just act like a Starfleet officer than a child,"

Michael instantly turned as red as the tunic of a command officer's uniform. "Child?! Have you ever seen a man vaporized because he didn't seal a plasma conduit correctly?! Ever have to hold a man dying in your arms because someone forgot to adjust to the energy flow for a console?! Watch helpless as a starship explodes as soon as it goes to warp because someone refused to double check the matter-antimatter ratio?! You may have a problem with how I conduct myself but I don't care. Lives depend on my department being perfect, and perfection is the only thing I will accept from myself and anyone else who works on this vessel!"

"Listen you little twerp, I have seen Men and women die, I used to be a pilot at one stage," replied Paul looking back at him, he continued," so don't quote that shit to me," He finished, "If you have issues with this arrangement then bring it up with the Captain," He turned to head back to his office which was his quarters and shouted back," If I hear you Berate any of my officers as you don't want to be on my bad side," as he walked off.

Michael was not one to back down so he continued to shout down the corridor as Paul walked away, "As long as they do their jobs the right way then they have nothing to worry about. If you want to come down to Engineering and make sure I don't hurt anyone's feelings then you are perfectly welcome to."

"Then remember That I'm their boss and not you," Paul shouted back as he walked around the corner, he thought~ what a Jumped up Nark,~ as he could see problems brewing and all he wanted to do was keep his head down.



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