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Adventure is out there.

Posted on Sun Jun 18th, 2017 @ 7:44pm by Lieutenant Louis Rashkae

Mission: Dramatis Personae
Location: Starbase 5 Visitor Quarters
Timeline: Current

Long paces took a lanky redheaded Lieutenant from one end of the visitor quarters to the other, and back again. It was in this pursuit that Louis Rashkae had been spending his afternoon. A pair of large transport crates sat in the middle of the room, taking up most of the space at hand, leaving him with the bare minimum of space that he used to cross in front of the window and back.

Louis hated waiting, and he'd been stuck on Starbase 5 for almost a week, after the transport ship had brought him here. He'd requested the change for he was ready for new horizons but at the same time, apprehension gnawed at him for the position he'd requested was so far off the beaten path from what he'd done before. However the best way to actually see something new in his life, was to go out on a front-line ship that would actually be pushing the boundaries of new frontiers. It was enough- the idea of new discovery that the apprehension caused by the change of venue was slowly fading into something approaching euphoria.

Currently it was the boredom that was winning out over euphoria. 3 days of being pent up with your belongings in crates would do that to a man. He longed to unpack and set up his quarters as his own personal paradise. Barring that, he had to find something to do before he went utterly mad. Perhaps he'd go explore the station; he had credits to spend and they had shops galore that he could browse to his heart's content. Never know what you might find in a space station's promenade, treasures from all over the galaxy could be his ripe for the picking. Laughing at his own thoughts, Louis turned his gaze from his starlit window to the door leading to adventure.

Running his hand over his face, Louis shuddered at the straggly state of his facial hair. "Ugh, hold that thought." he grumbled heading into the bathroom to get a good look at himself. "Well I look like a Hyurin nested on my face, and I probably don't smell very good." Louis sniffed experimentally, and then decided not to risk it. Stripping the clothes from his lean form took all of a moment, and he tossed them in the washing container.

"Computer- run shower, water setting; hot."

The hiss of water falling from the ceiling panel filled the room, and he rummaged in the drawer for a bar of cinnamon soap and his beard trimmer. Steam rolled from the door to the shower; and caused a sigh to escape his lips involuntarily. There was something special about hot water, that just made everything seem more civilized. The sharp sweet scent of cinnamon and clove poared out when he shoved the soap under the water to dampen it before he would step in. Clean, and neatly groomed would be how he would begin his exploration of the station.


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