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Meeting the new Doc

Posted on Wed Jul 19th, 2017 @ 7:43pm by Lieutenant JG Paul Winchester & Lieutenant Gayathri Suresh

Mission: Dramatis Personae
Location: SickBay- USs Solaria
Timeline: Backpost

Paul had been in the cargo bay with Ensign Grier making sure that the new batch of supplies had arrived and had heard on the grapevine that they were picking up the new CMO, This had made Paul leave the bay and head to Sickbay to ask the CMO if the supplies were fine. however he had to do a meet and greet and decided to start with the Medical officer. as he found his way to Sickbay, he hoped that the Officer in question was in as the doors opened before him, he thought~ Well, here goes,~

As he stepped into Sickbay and asked," Hello, Anyone here?"

"Oh!" Gayathri turned around, having been meticulously organizing her supplies. "Lieutenant Winchester?" She remembered him from the meet-and-greet.

Paul saw the New CMO that he had met earlier and said," Hi Doc, Just thought I'd come and see if all your supplies were accountable," as he came to a stop next to a bio bed. He continued," and whilst I'm here you can do my Physical," as he gave her a smile. he knew that it was better to kill two birds with one stone as it were. as he knew that the trouble he had with the supplies had put him under a great deal of pressure the last few weeks since they left the shipyards.

Gayathri rolled her eyes. "You're fine." She said, but scanned him anyway. "See? And as for my supplies, I have them, they're just hopelessly disorganized. I'll have to get Kafya to help me with these sometime."

"Well, the thing is," replied Paul "when we left the ship yards, the stores on Earth only gave us 1/3 of what we should have," looking back at her. He finished," and we have had to ask the station's stores to replenish what we should have had in the first place," as he hadn't been happy about that at all, He also had to speak to the Security chief to make sure he got everything as well this time around.

Gayathri laughed shortly. "Well, I have enough of my materials. In case someone gets a super-rare disease, I'll be fine. I appreciate your excessive worrying, though."

Paul replied," well, I'm checking in with the other department heads as well to see if they have got their supplies ok this time," as he leaned against the counter next to him. He finished," If that is all Doctor, then I must get going," as he stood up looking at the CMO.

"Well, good seeing you, then." Gayathri said offhandedly. She turned back to her work.

Paul gave her a nod of his head and as he headed for the exit, Paul wondered how the Chief Security had got on with his supplies this time round and as did the Chief Engineer who both hadn't been happy last time they had met him. As the doors slid open, He decided it was time to head back to his quarters which served as his office to do some paperwork to take his mind off of things.

Lieutenant Paul Winchester
Chief Operations Officer
USS Solaria
Lieutenant Gayathri Suresh
USS Solaria


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