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Surprising News

Posted on Sat Jul 8th, 2017 @ 8:35pm by Lieutenant Commander Jerryka Shiloh Ph.D & Captain Colby Drayton & Vice Admiral Mitchell Hanson

Mission: Dramatis Personae
Timeline: MD02 1345 Hours

Mitchell Hanson, commander of Deep Space 5 and the whole of the Copernicus sector, had just received the news he had been dreading - the Rihansu Resistance had, according to Intelligence, killed their first hostage from the freighter they had captured. With the Solaria still just under forty-five hours away, there was plenty of time for the hostage takers to kill another victim. With the other ships in the region engaged in missions elsewhere, he had no-one to send any quicker than the Solaria could get there, so for now, the hostages would have to wait it out.

With that in mind, the Vice-Admiral and one time Director of Starfleet Tactical, had turned his attention to solutions to a few problems that had been plaguing the Solaria since he had made the decision to promote the ships executive officers and leave Captain Drayton with no command staff. It was something he could hopefully remedy once the person he had requested to see arrived at his office.

Lieutenant Jerryka Shiloh still couldn't believed she'd allowed Starfleet to talk her into joining the fleet; she couldn't believe she'd let her husband and daughter talk her into it. She had, of course, been heavily affiliated and was, in fact, Chair of the Science Department at the Academy when they offered her a commission.

For the last 2 years she had served as the Chief Science Officer and Mission Adviser aboard the USS Mississippi charting stellar phenomena south of Federation Space. She'd received transfer orders while on shore leave a week ago and was now walking up to the station commander's office with no idea what she was doing. The orders were very vague and told her nothing of her next assignment.

She walked up to the door and pressed the chime, letting out an exasperated and eccentric sigh. Her uniform jacket was open, revealing the blue of a science officer underneath.

"You do know you're about to see the sector commander and one of the most respected Admiral's in the fleet, don't you Lieutenant?" a voice from behind the visitor spoke as they came to a stand still next to her and offered a hand. A woman just a touch shorter than the visitor and with auburn hair stood smiling. "Commodore Kate Walsh. Adjutant to Admiral Hanson," she revealed.

Jerryka turned with an indifferent expression, not understanding what the problem was with her going in just as she was. After the woman introduced herself, Jerryka offered a smile. "Nice to meet you, Ka...uhm... Commodore. Are you in on this meeting too?" she asked rather casually, forgetting herself.

"Indeed," the woman nodded in response as the doors parted and the senior of the two women walked into the private office of the station commander and the man that would oversee the whole of the Northern Expanse. Behind the massive work surface, an aging man with a thick mop of brown hair with grey highlights. He was buried deep in the data PADD he was holding as Walsh stepped over to the desk and gestured for the subordinate to follow.

Jerryka followed distantly behind, fighting the urge to continue looking at the PADD held in her hand. She'd been so wrapped up in her research, she could barely focus on her surroundings. She looked up at the Admiral distantly. "Lieutenant Jerryka Shiloh, reporting as ordered." she said in a monotone voice, secretly hoping this meeting was worth the time she was spending away from the PADD in her hand.

Eventually, the man on the other side looked up and acknowledged the Commodore with a smile and a nod before turning his attention to the Lieutenant next to her. "Miss Shiloh. I have a special task for you," he grinned before sliding down into his comfortable chair and gesturing for both of his guests to do the same.

Walsh echoed the moves of her commanding officer and watched and waited for the subordinate to take her offered chair.

Jerryka cluelessly lowered herself into the chair as directed. It had been very strange to be called "Miss" rather than "Doctor". She'd hadn't been in active Starfleet service long enough for her to become accustomed to their style.

"Oh?" she said with slightly mounting interest at the idea of some excitement. "Do tell, sir."

"We have a warship headed this way, the Solaria. She's headed into the unknown and she is going to need all the help she can get. I'm sending you aboard," the Admiral revealed as he slid a data PADD across the desk to the woman. "You'll serve as Captain Drayton's first officer. He's a good man and needs good people," the older man informed.

"A...a what?" Jerryka responded, suddenly deeply confused. She furrowed her brow and leaned in slightly. "I'm sorry, sir; did you just say 'warship'?"

"Yes," the Admiral confirmed, looking across at his adjutant.

"The USS Solaria is a Prometheus class starship, one of the most tactically orientated vessels in the entire fleet," Commodore Walsh began as she slid a data PADD in the subordinates direction. "But even Tactical ships need to have an element of science in order to achieve success."

Her eyes remained as wide as before and she lifted her eyebrows inquisitively. " suppose that makes sense." she said, shaking her head. "Do you mind....would you mind telling me why I was selected of all people?" she asked, not being able to keep the shock from her voice.

"You were selected because of a need that needs filling swiftly ahead of an upcoming mission. It's that simple," Hanson spoke, a bit firmer in tone this time, somewhat unaccustomed to having people question him in such ways.

She looked at him for a while with the same dumbfounded expression on her face as before. After what seemed like quite a while, she pursed her lips and offered a gentle smile. "Okay.." she said, nodding. "I'll....I'll do it." she looked over at the other woman, with an expression that said "help" and then sighed deeply. "Where should I start?"

"This is a list of all personnel on the station that will join you on the Solaria. You should make it your mission to meet up with each of them before the ship arrives," Walsh suggested as she slid a data PADD across the desk to the woman. "The science officer on the list will be the ships second officer. It would be worth getting to know him for sure."

She grabbed the PADD and looked at the names, her eyes finding several former students of hers. This was the nature of having taught at the academy. She gave a nervous grin and nodded. "I'll do that.." she said simply.

"Then you are dismissed Commander," the Admiral smiled as he offered a hand once again. "Congratulations on your promotion."

Jerryka gingerly extended a shaky and sweaty hand toward the Admiral and shook his hand. Her breathing was a bit irregular. "Uh..yeah..thanks, sir." she said, much less articulate than usual. One could hardly tell her brilliance from this meeting. She was utterly surprised.

With that, she let go of the Admiral's hand a bit awkwardly and all but jogged out of the office.

Hanson and Walsh exchanged glances for a few seconds until the doors sealed, then at last one of them spoke.

"Drayton's going to love you..." Walsh smirked sarcastically before burying her head in her work.


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