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Waiting Days

Posted on Tue Jun 13th, 2017 @ 4:00am by Lieutenant Gayathri Suresh
Edited on on Tue Jun 13th, 2017 @ 6:54pm

Mission: Dramatis Personae
Location: Deep Space 5
Timeline: Stardate 67818.29: MD02, 1847 Hours

Gayathri Suresh, a young Indian woman who looked remarkably Vulcan at the same time, opened the book she had been reading earlier. The lines of words on the page blurred, and she sighed, trying to make her tired eyes focus.

One ring to rule them all, one ring to find them...

She had stayed up way too late at night multiple times during her temporary stay at Deep Space 5, and it was finally catching up to her brain. She sat back in her chair, her dark eyes flickering from book to window, watching the stars as if something was going to come soaring out of space at any moment and she had to be ready.

In a way, she was waiting for something. She had been assigned to the starship Solaria, and was temporarily staying at the space station before she would be picked up by the starship. The stress of the days of waiting was getting to her.

Like many Starfleet officers she knew, Suresh itched for excitement. She was in her forte when she worked, and thrived under pressure. Quiet waiting days, in short, drove her crazy.

Suresh got up, closing the book, and walked over to the replicator in her quarters. “Tea.” She ordered quietly. “Chai, hot.”

Grasping the mug tightly with a trembling hand, she sank back into the chair, her book open on her lap. She didn't read it, though, and continued staring at the stars, lost in thought.

The starship Vision, her old ship. It wouldn't leave her thoughts. She wondered where Captain Greywood was now, and what he was doing. How different will the Solaria be from the Vision? She wondered. Back on the Vision, she'd known everyone, and was respected by her crewmates. Of course, it had taken time to get know them and to earn their respect.

How much time will it take this time? I'll be a doctor on a ship made for battle. How much more pressure would that be?

Gayathri Suresh squared her shoulders, taking a deep breath. Whatever it is, I'll be ready for it. This is what I was trained for. Her years of training came flooding back to her in a torrent of memories. Maybe it was just her mind, tired from lack of sleep, but it was almost as if she could see Captain Greywood in front of her once again, his odd lopsided grin and deep black eyes, reassuring through his seriousness and quiet humor.

What’s Captain Drayton going to be like? She thought to herself. No one, that’s for sure, was going to be like Captain Greywood. But Suresh had learned over many years that no one was going to be the same as another. That never happened. However, there was always a chance that someone could be as good as the last person.

Suddenly, Suresh felt a pang that felt somewhat like homesickness. The days of the Vision are over. She thought with firm descision. If I lose myself in the past, I’ll lose the chance to enjoy and be ready for the present. And this present is one full of opportunities.

Suresh closed her eyes, finally at peace. I can wait. I accept whatever lies in the future.


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