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A New Aquaintance

Posted on Sat Jul 8th, 2017 @ 8:37pm by Lieutenant Gayathri Suresh & Lieutenant Louis Rashkae
Edited on on Sat Jul 8th, 2017 @ 8:37pm

Mission: Dramatis Personae
Location: Deep Space 5, the Promenade
Timeline: Stardate 67818.29: MD02, 2058 Hours

Gayathri Suresh sat back in her chair at the Promenade restaurant, a book and a cup of steaming coffee in front of her. (She preferred plain, old good-fashioned coffee to any of the exotic drinks served there.) Dressed in a casual green dress and with her shoulder-length hair in a ponytail, she probably looked like she was relaxing. However, unlike her usual fantasy-related reads, this book was one long medical essay.

It was incredibly boring.

Sighing, she downed the last of her coffee and passionately slammed the book shut. I can learn more from one Starfleet medical class than from reading this stupid book! She thought to herself, looking at the book’s plain cover with obvious contempt. I have better things to do. Maybe I should take a better look around here…

Suresh stood up with firm decision, grasping her pile of books she’d taken with her and stepping out into the long stretch of hallway, quickly sidestepping through the crowds of people. Her eyes trained on an interesting-looking shop down the hallway, she was caught unawares when she accidentally slammed straight into a young man, causing her to jump back, dropping all her books.

“Oh!” She cried, rushing to salvage a copy of Eragon and The Fellowship of the Ring before they were trampled. “I’m so sorry!”

Panting as she shakily stood back up, fantasy books practically spilling out of her arms, she took a good look at the man she’d quite literally ran into. Her first thought was Wow, he’s handsome. Her second: Is that Louis Rashkae? Half Bajoran? I didn’t know he was waiting here.

Louis had been put back a couple of paces by the force of the impact, and then immediately bent to help her contain her books. "No harm done" Eyes drifting first over the titles in her hands, then, the woman holding them he couldn't help but smile at her flustered apology. The slight points on her ears indicated Vulcan heritage, but most Vulcans wouldn't waste their time with fantasy novels from the earths 21'rst century. "Are you alright?"

Gayathri smiled uneasily. "Yeah! Thanks." She caught him looking at the books. "Have you read any of these?" She asked out of pure curiosity. Then, realizing that they had never met, extended her hand to him for a handshake. "Lieutenant Gayathri Suresh." She hastily introduced herself. "I assume you are Lieutenant Rashkae?"

Shaking her hand gently he nodded in response to her question, and then registered that she had in fact recognized him. Glancing down at his blue, black and grey wrap shirt with Bajoran sigils around the bottom, he blushed a little and said "You must have an exquisite memory for personnel files, if you can recognize me here without any trappings of rank."

"Thank you!" Suresh smiled wryly. "I read all the files about twenty times while waiting here." She paused, then, very curious by then, asked again, "Have you read any of these books?"

"I have." he answered quietly, his cheeks still pink from earlier. "I have quite a few more in my collection as well."

Suresh's eyes lit up. He reads fantasy! Just like me! Wow! Getting a grip on herself, she regripped her books, struggling under the weight of them. "I didn't expect to find someone with such..." She searched for the right word. Awesome? Epic? Seriously cool? "...Intelligent... hobbies." She finished, blushing slightly.

"I've never had anyone refer to reading fantasy novels as an intelligent hobby before" he commented with a chuckle at the flush on her cheeks.

"Oh." Suresh said, beaming. "Well... I suppose they don't have the practical knowledge of a... Nonfiction novel... But I always thought they did have particular advantage of opening new perspectives and building creativity, imagination, and well-roundedness. And, above all, it takes an interesting person to read an interesting book." She smiled wryly.

Louis chuckled "Oh anyone can read them, but to truly appreciate them I wonder..." he trailed off and then grinned at her enthusiasm, running his hand through his auburn hair. "Although I must say I agree completely about the other points. There is something about immersing yourself in another world that inspires one to greatness."

"Absolutely." Suresh agreed, then fell silent. She had read all her crewmates' files many times, including Rashkae's, but had never seen or met him in person. He's much more interesting than I thought. Hopefully I'll have the chance to talk with him again soon. After a couple moments of silence, she inadvertently looked down at her watch, noticing what time it was. "Ah..." She murmured, then looked up, her expression conveying her regret. "I'm afraid I have to go now. It was good to meet you!"

"And you as well." he replied softly, wondering where she had to be briefly, before reminding himself it was none of his business.

With a small smile, Suresh made her way down through the crowds, wishing she'd had more time to talk to her fascinating acquaintance. But she had places to be... I hope we meet again soon.


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