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All Aboard!

Posted on Wed Jul 19th, 2017 @ 7:24pm by Captain Colby Drayton & Captain Nisea & Lieutenant Commander Koseth & Lieutenant Commander Jerryka Shiloh Ph.D & Lieutenant Jun'ko Zane & Lieutenant JG Paul Winchester & Lieutenant Gayathri Suresh & Lieutenant Louis Rashkae & Flick O'Mahony

Mission: Dramatis Personae
Location: Various Locations
Timeline: 0930 Hours, MD4

As if by magic, the exact time and date of the Solaria's arrival at Deep Space 5 rolled around and right on queue, a bright flash of light signaled the majestic ships deceleration from warp and she glided into her space in the orbiting docking pattern around the station.

Aboard Deep Space 5, as countless people went about their business, a single voice rang out over the stations internal communications system. "=/\=All hands hear this; USS Solaria has arrived at the station. All waiting personnel should make arrangements to transport aboard immediately."

Jerryka hadn't even bothered to unpack her things since she'd arrived at the space station. She knew the Solaria was arriving soon and she wanted to be ready when it did. When the announcement sounded, pangs of nervousness welled up in her stomach and she leaned back even further on the couch in her guest suite. With a heavy groan, she lifted her head and stood up, standing just in her new red command shirt and underwear.

She put on uniform pants and jacket and closed her bag. Quickly, she shuffled over to the nearby mirror and saw herself in her new promoted state. Lieutenant Commander in one ever thought this would happen. XO in Starfleet? Someone must be playing a trick on her.

She turned to grab her bag and head to the Solaria's assigned dock.

Louis shrugged on his uniform jacket at the call to duty that he heard over the comms, his smile broadening as he placed a transport locator on his possessions so they might be stowed safely aboard.

.:Deep Space 5, Docking Bay 14:.

The crew of Deep Space 5 had requisitioned Docking Bay 14 as a high-security meet and greet for the crew of the Solaria. Crew were invited to welcome some of the newcomers and meet them formally in the short time before the ship would depart to continue its mission. Several crew from the Solaria as well as several new arrivals had already arrived and were mingling in the available area.

Juni had ensured to check the area regarding security and surveillance. No doubt Lt Ja'ha had done his job, but Juni would not be her if she was not going to triple check. That said checking the area was more a keeping skills sharp than any sort of real concern she, the real concern she had was the XO about to show up. No doubt a brilliant woman, but one who simply had no relevant experience and worst of all had not even done her time at the academy to help her learn some of the basics. No in Juni her mind this woman was going to break the first time pressure was going to be applied, cause all the knowledge in the worth simply cannot compare to experience. When things start blowing up around you, people are dying or wounded, knowledge does not save one, experience does, being able to act without needing to think about it. So with that in mind she stood in her corner watching the area like a hawk waiting to observe the commander as she arrived, cause one thing was sure she was going to be an interesting subject to study.

Gayathri Suresh had packed her bags thoroughly the night before, fortunately, and couldn't deny that she had lost sleep the past few nights from anxiety and excitement. She wore a calm expression well, however, to cover up her nerves. Surveying her crewmates in the docking bay, she silently observed them from a corner, not bothering to talk to any of them individually. I wonder what they're like... She thought, although she did not make any attempt to converse.

Paul had been in the cargo bay with Ensign Grier making sure that the new batch of supplies had arrived and had heard on the grapevine that they were picking up the new CMO, This had made Paul leave the bay and head to the meet and greet area, although he had a lot of work to do and to make sure that they received every piece of supplies that they had asked for this time as he had told the stores manager at DS5 that if any of their supplies were taken by another ship he would inform the captain who would inform the Admiral who would not be very forgiving as he might be.

Gayathri spotted the newcomer from her corner, observing with mild interest. Paul Winchester? She wondered. She hadn't met him before. After a moment of consideration, she made her way to where he was standing, thinking it would probably be good to meet new crewmates. Her mind quickly flashed to Louis Rashkae, whom she'd met at the space station. At least I have a chance for a less-awkward meeting this time. "Hello." She said coolly to Winchester.

" Hi," replied Paul looking back at the officer next to him, "I'm looking for the new CMO," he continued, as he looked back at the female officer, " You haven't seen him/her have you?" he asked her.

Gayathri smiled slightly. "You're talking to her."

Paul looked back at her and thought~ Oh boy is she cute~ as he knew that this was the New CMO, " Nice to meet you, I'm Lieutenant Paul Winchester, Chief Operations officer," holding out his hand.

Gayathri shook his hand. "Gayathri Suresh." She replied. "Mostly harmless. Have you seen the ship yet?"

Paul responded," yes I have, I've been on her for the last few months," looking at her, he continued," She's a good ship and has a good crew, trust me when I say welcome aboard," as he could not take his eyes off the Female CMO. he finished," and by the way you are beautiful," as he started to flirt with her.

Gayathri raised her eyebrows, smiling coyly. "Watch your mouth, lieutenant." She teased, although she was obviously pleased at the compliment. "Thank you for the welcome. I haven't been aboard yet, but I'm looking forward to it. Luckily, I'm already packed." She smiled, thinking back to the many times she'd forgotten to pack before the last moment. I hope I'm off to a good start.

Paul replied, and there I was giving a lady a complement, as he smiled back at her, He continued, " would you like a drink?" as he asked her the question.

"Yes, thank you." She replied, leaning against the wall casually. He seems nice. She thought. Memories of the USS Vision's crew slipped into her mind, tinged with nostalgia. Nonsense. She cleared the thoughts away. No crew is going to be a worthy replacement of my old friends. All I can do is hope for the best for new experiences.

Paul looked back at her for a minute and noticed that she was getting a bit upset. He asked," Are you alright?" as he knew something was not right with her as he had seen it a few times in the past in his career.

"Yes, of course." Gayathri quickly shoved the memories away. She attempted a smile. "Thank you, though." She said quietly.

Jerryka entered the room, her bags having been transferred by the operations staff. She entered the room and saw a flurry of activity as people in uniform exchanged greetings and spoke among themselves. She'd spent the past several days pouring over schematics and manuals of all kinds, so she felt a bit dissociated and wasn't eager to meet anyone. This sort of reading would be a daily reality as she tried to make up for years of experience in days.

She felt, for a moment, pangs of familiar anger at the Admiral for forcing her into this very uncomfortable situation. She didn't feel ready for the work she'd been given and she was increasingly concerned that everyone would know it. With a deep breath, she calmed herself and leaned against the window that provided a view of the side of Solaria. She took out her PADD and continued her reading.

'Reserved, fear, uncomfortable, some frustration?' The thought went through Juni's mind as the XO entered the room. It was clear she did not want to be here and Juni could not exactly blame her for those feelings. But also she kept to herself, was she trying to shield herself from the risks of exposing who she was and what she was capable off?

Antigone Lilas or Tiggy for short was standing on her head in her quarters when the call came through to report to the USS Solaria. She slowly and reluctantly brought herself out of her Transcendental meditation state, any deeper and she would have missed the call completely.

Frantically Tiggy put on her new uniform and boots. She made sure she had all her healing crystals with her, which were unceremoniously pushed into her bag and not in their cases as they should have been. All feeling and sense of well being had left her only to be replaced by excitement. But the butterflies that she had got rid of earlier returned and fluttered with annoyance in the pit of her stomach. It was the thought of making that first step aboard the USS Solaria as the ship's Chief Counsellor that was making her nervous. This was after all her first posting. With one final look in the mirror and a smooth down of her hair Tiggy left her quarters.

Flick O'Mahony waited at the airlock and snapped pictures of the crew walking through the airlock. Her cameraman counted down the seconds to when they would be going out live to the rest of the Task Force.

"...and 3...2...1...go"

"Hello and welcome to Deep Space 5. Flick O'Mahony here reporting for the Fleet News Service. You join us here at one of the airlocks of the USS Solaria. The crew is embarking and we look forward to having a few words with some of them as they prepare to leave. This is an auspicious moment viewers and listeners and I am sure they are just as excited as I am because I'll be going with them.

Flicks cameraman focussed in on one particular member of the crew. It was Lt Louis Rashkae. Flick had been looking at the crew profiles and knew him from his picture. She approached the Lt straight away with a mic and offered her best journalistic smile.

"Hello Lt Rashkae. I'm Flick O'Mahony F.N.S reporter for the fleet. Would you care to say a few words to our viewers and listeners who are excited at the prospect of following the adventures of the USS Solaria on Fleet media?"

"Of course. I'm a scientist- so this is the beginning of the adventure for me. Im not sure your viewers are really interested in what excites the resident geek." Louis smiled self deprecatingly at the woman behind the camera.

"What kind of work will you be doing Lt?"

"Well I was initially trained as a botanist but, there's so much possibility for research and discovery that it's hard to really tell you what kind of work I'll be doing.". He pause for a moment and thought and then continued Softly "after all the chief of the department is responsible for everybody's research and achievements. I look forward to seeing what my staff will accomplish."

"It sounds as though you'll be very busy indeed. Will you have time to relax and spend time on your hobbies or interests?"

"Yes. But I'm not going to tell you on air what those are, you'll have to find out the old-fashioned way." Louis smiled at her, and nodded his head to the camera before heading down the path.

"Thank you, Lt for taking the time to talk to us. I hope you enjoy your tour of duty onboard the Solaria"

"=/\=Final boarding call for all Solaria personnel. Repeat, this is the final boarding call for all Solaria personnel."

Without any further hesitation, Jerryka pulled herself off the wall and walked toward the airlock. She was aboard the ship before anyone else, walking with impressive speed.

Gayathri was soon to follow, boarding the ship just a bit slower, taking more time to savor her new surroundings. The Solaria is beautiful. She thought to herself, admiring the sleek shape and gleaming metal sides as she boarded the ship.

As Paul followed Gayathri on to the USS Solaria, He knew that he had to return to his quarters to check on the supplies that were being transferred to the ship from the station's stores. Having left Isabella in charge once more, he knew that she would not make the same mistake twice. the last time he had spoken to her he had yelled at her and had decided to take her to dinner later. But before he returned to his quarters, Paul had to seek out one of her friends to ask her to talk Isabella around into meeting him. However; he knew that was going to be difficult with the mood that she had been in. as he watched the CMO take it all in as she boarded the ship.


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