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Wherever You Go, There You Are

Posted on Thu Aug 10th, 2017 @ 2:33pm by Lieutenant Commander Jerryka Shiloh Ph.D & Lieutenant Louis Rashkae

Mission: Whispers In The Dark
Location: DS5, Promenade
Timeline: 1230 Hours, MD 3

The third level of the promenade, was looking promising. He'd looked through the first two levels the day before when he'd run into the charming CMO of the ship. Of course he couldn't remember her name, but her face was firmly implanted in his memory.

This level seemed to be full of items intended for spiritual journeys. He saw a multitude of crystal points and carved crystals, as well as chimes and prayer mats in the shop he was approaching. He was intrigued enough to enter.

Jerryka had asked where Louis Rashkae was and fully intended to meet him. When she'd been told that he was on the promenade, she figured finding him in the crowd would be particularly difficult. Nevertheless, she decided to make the attempt and, if worst came to worst, she be forced to spend the evening buying trinkets. The horror.

She entered the area of the promenade dedicated to spiritual practices with particular interest. She herself was a woman of faith, so she always felt energized in places like this. As she was looking through some beautiful prayer beads, she happened upon the face she'd come down to look for.

"Louis Rashkae?" she asked, knowing the answer.

"Aye?" he glanced up, into the face of another striking woman. What was it this week with people knowing who he was out of uniform and without any context to the conversation.

She walked up to him in a grey blouse and black skirt, extending her hand. "I'm Jerryka Shiloh, the new XO on the Solaria. I thought we should meet."

"Why hello there Professor!" he smiled brightly, his voice soft but still with great enthusiasm. "Tell me you didn't come all the way down here just to see me?"

"It's Commander now, strange enough." she said, truly meaning the statement that it was strange. "And I did, just for you." she smiled brightly. "I take it you've heard of me?"

"I was in one of your classes when I was writing my dissertation" he answered quietly, picking up a beautiful Crystal pyramid.

"You were?" she asked with a sudden surprise. Even before the question had escaped her lips she remembered him. "I remember you!" she exclaimed loudly. "You were working on a dissertation for your doctorate in botany and, for some reason, you thought my 4th year Dimensional Theory Course would help you with that." the last part she said with a playfully sarcastic tone. "How did that go, by the way?"

"With honors of course" he answered with a chuckle. "I am still compiling the herbal. It's been quite useful for the Doctors. As for your class, I took it because it sounded interesting, not because I needed it."

"Well, that makes more sense." Jerryka said with a smile. "So, how are you feeling about your transfer to Solaria?"

"Quite good. I requested the transfer after all so I was pleased to get it." his smile was bright as he ran his fingers through some crystalline beads.

"If you don't mind me asking," she began, her right and placed over her left wrist as a pensive face turned with curiosity, "What made you request a warship like Solaria instead of a more science-oriented starship?"

"Because science ships don't do the initial exploration in the same way that a warship would. Even a warship still follows the idea of exploration and seeking out new life. That's where I want to be, on the frontiers of discovery" his enthusiasm shone in his eyes.

"Anything in particular?" Jerryka asked curiously as she walked around him to the next booth and ran her hands through pale pink diamond-like necklaces.

"Doesn't matter so long as I am there." he replied fervently with a smile on his face.

Jerryka gave a nod of friendly understanding. "Well, I've got an appointment to keep, but it was nice to meet you, Louis." she said, angling for the exit with a suddenness that made her seem a bit awkward.

Louis cocked his head to one side as he watched her practically flee from his presence. The pretty Vulcan CMO had done the same thing. He didn't think he'd said anything that would make them wish to be gone from his presence...A shrug was his only solace as he turned back to the wares in the shop.


Lieutenant Commander Jerryka Shiloh
Executive Officer
USS Solaria


Lieutenant Louis Rashkae
Chief Science Officer
USS Solaria


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