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A Change of Colors

Posted on Wed Jul 19th, 2017 @ 7:45pm by Captain Colby Drayton & Captain Nisea & Lieutenant Commander Jerryka Shiloh Ph.D

Mission: Dramatis Personae
Location: CO's Ready Room
Timeline: 1000 Hours, MD4

Jerryka made her way to the ready room as soon as she could, her heart beating powerfully inside her chest. She suspected this man would not be happy with receiving an XO like her. She took several calming breaths in the corridor and then pressed his chime, praying for mercy.

From beyond the metallic doors before her, a voice called out, granting her permission to enter the room.

Jerryka walked through the opening doors and into the ready room, immediately standing at attention. "Lieutenant Commander Jerryka Shiloh reporting for duty, sir." she said slowly, still trying to calm herself.

Sat at the desk were the two most senior officers aboard the Solaria at the present time; Captain Colby Drayton and the Syllian, Commander Nisea. As the doors closed behind the visitor and she announced her name, Drayton rose and offered his hand. "Welcome to the Solaria Commander," he smiled.

Jerryka accepted the hand readily and gave it a firm but feminine shake. She then offered her hand to Nisea. "Thank you, Captain; hello, Commander."

"Commander," Nisea nodded in welcome as Drayton sat in his chair once more and gestured for the newcomer to occupy the seat beside Nisea. "Commander Nisea here was Acting First Officer prior to your arrival. Now that you are aboard Miss Shiloh, she'll remain as a Mission Adviser until further notice," the Captain revealed by way of an introduction.

"I understand." Jerryka said as she lowered herself into the seat. "It'll be good to have your experience as an asset."

If only the new first officer knew the true depths of the woman's experience. She would find out though as the mission went on, Drayton was sure of it. "I understand this assignment came as a surprise to you?" the Captain asked, referring to a conversation he had been privy to between Commodore Walsh and Admiral Hanson. "I hope it didn't interrupt anything too pressing," he mused with a smile.

"Surprise is an understatement, Captain." Jerryka responded frankly, leaning in and resting her elbows on her knees. "I have no idea what the Admiral was thinking. As for interrupting something, it absolutely did. I was working on a life-saving project aboard the USS Mississippi when I was called to Deep Space Five." she pursed her lips. "Let's just say my replacement is...less than ready to complete the work." she looked over at Nisea and arched an eyebrow. "Sound familiar?"

Nisea looked at the new executive officer and smirked. She was no doubt referencing the situation she now found herself in and couldn't help a feeling of amusement. "That may be the case, but I was only ever here as a stop gap. I too have other things to be doing, but we serve at the pleasure of Starfleet Command. That is what we agree to when we sign on the dotted line and join the Academy," the Syllian spoke sincerely before looking at the Captain. "I feel like you are stuck with two people who don't truly want to be on your ship sir, but I'm sure I speak for the Commander as well when I say that is no reflection on you personally or your ship," she concluded.

Jerryka offered a grin at the comment. "I can agree with that." she said simply. She then waited, eager to see what came of all this.

Drayton let out a wistful sigh as he nodded and accepted the views of both officers, but right now his only consideration was for the mission at hand and, if that required both these officers, so be it. "Commander Shiloh, I'd like you to get acquainted with the senior staff as soon as is possible but, for now, we must concentrate on the mission at hand. Our starting point is going to be in the Omega Sagitarrii system, the last known system on the route of the Tezra. We'll see what clues we can pick up there."

"I'll be sure to set up meetings as soon as people are available." Jerryka said with a nod. "Is there anything else you need from me?"

"Not right now Commander, no," Drayton smiled as he rose from his seat once more and offered her a hand. "Once again, welcome to the crew."

Jerryka stood and put her own smooth hand in his. She gave a half smile that articulated her mixed feelings pretty well. "Thank you." was all she said; it was all she could thing to say.

"Dismissed," Drayton confirmed as he glanced at both officers before returning to his chair and his work.

Nisea rose from her seat and gestured for her new superior to depart the ready room with her.

Jerryka acknowledged Nisea and walked straight for the door without a word. This was going to be quite a bumpy ride for her.


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