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first date

Posted on Tue Jul 25th, 2017 @ 8:25am by Lieutenant JG Paul Winchester & Ensign Rachel Stevens

Mission: Dramatis Personae
Location: Paul's Quarters, Deck 3
Timeline: 18;00 Hrs MD4

Paul had been back in his quarters finishing off paper work when he noticed the time was 17:00 hours and time he had showered and changed out of his uniform and into a multi-coloured shirt that stood out against the dark coloured pants and boots that he was to wear for Dinner with Ensign Rachel Stevens. Although he hadn’t figured out what the toothbrush comment had been still and that puzzled him.

Suddenly upon hearing the door chime He said,” Come” turned to see Rachel to appear wearing a turquoise colored dress. Upon entering his quarters, Rachel stopped to survey the room, she said,” Wow this is nice and what nice stuff you have, “whilst she was looking around the room, Paul noticed her entrance and thought~ Oh wow, ~ suddenly she spotted him sitting at a table. She noticed that he was very handsome in the attire that he wore. As she approached the table, she even noticed the look on his face and knew that the dress had the desired effect that she had gone for as it showed off her Assets.

As she neared the table, Paul rose from his chair and walked around the Table and begun to pull out the opposite chair to his. He said," M 'lady," holding the seat for her to sit down on, He continued," You look stunning,"

"Why thank you Paul," she replied taking the compliment as she sat down in the offered seat, she thought~ Oh wow, at least he is making the effort, ~ as she watched Paul return to his own seat. As he did so, he bent down beside his chair to pick up something that was lying next to his chair. She wondered what he was picking up, she was shocked that this was the same man who had yelled at her the afternoon that he had arrived when she had given him the bad news. Now here he was being a gentleman pulling the chair out giving her compliments and whatever he was going to do next, She thought~ How can this be the same man?~ as she watched him carefully sit back up.

As Paul sat back up holding the dozen red roses in his hand, He said," For you Rachel, and I'm sorry for the way I acted last time we met," as he handed the Roses over to her carefully to her, He continued, “I was trying to make you come to your senses," as he hoped the apology would be accepted.

"Why thank you Paul, they are Beautiful," as she took hold of them, this she could not believe that he had gone out of his way to get her flowers, a surprise like that had pushed her impressions of him up and prove to her that he was not a nasty person, but someone who when realised that he had made a mistake made a point of rectifying it which put her estimation of him up a few points. She continued,” I accept your apology on one condition,” as he looked back at her knowing full well that the flowers would only be part accepted as the Apology and also knew the price that had to be paid.

He asked the question knowing what the answer would be, but he asked it anyway “So, What’s the condition?” as he beckoned over the waitress in order to get them their drinks, Paul knew the regulations on dating Ensigns which was frowned upon. As he kept his gaze upon her.

“I want you to date me,” replied Rachel stated as she waved her arms around, “After all that has just happened between us” she continued as she looked back at him. she finished,” as I’m your woman now so, why don’t you kiss me already,” as the last few words left her lips, she gave him a smile.

Paul knew he was going to regret this as he rose from his chair and walked around the table to Rachel, Once there, he offered his hand to her asking her to rise from her own seat. As she did so, Paul took her in to his arms and looked back at her for a moment. He said,” Last time I kissed you we nearly ended up bonded to one another, and a mental link with the Doctor, but if I get into trouble for this,” He continued,” you have to say that you seduced me,” as he kissed her before she could even respond to him. As he did So he hoped that the Bonding process would not take hold of them again as he continued kissing her. As he released her, He asked “How do you feel?”

“I feel fine, now take me to bed Hon,” She responded. As he knew now what Toothbrush meant, she wanted to bed him after all he had mentioned to her earlier about her being his girl Friday. As she reached behind her and started to unzip the dress and then let it fall from her shoulders. She said,” Ready for Dinner,” as she led Paul towards the bedroom.


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