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Meet up

Posted on Mon Jul 24th, 2017 @ 12:30am by Flick O'Mahony & Lieutenant Gayathri Suresh & Lieutenant Antigone (Tiggy) Lilas

Mission: Dramatis Personae
Location: Sickbay
Timeline: 30 minutes after boarding

It was obviously going to be one of those days thought Tiggy. The first thrall of excitement when she boarded the USS Solaria was beginning to wane to a distant memory as she recalled the embarrassing incident which that had deprived her of that once in a lifetime memory.

Most of all it was the feeling of being robbed that really stung Tiggy. She'll never forget it and it was a sure fact that no one else will either because it was all caught on camera by that thoughtless F.N.S reporter and her cameraman. If she had only taken a few minutes to read her horoscope then she might have been able to see this coming.

Tiggy was supported by one of the crew when she walked or rather hobbled into sickbay. Her right foot was suspended in the air as it was impossible to for her to walk on. Another crewman, a Lt by the looks of him was holding a wadd of gauze to his profusely bleeding nose. Following closely behind them was Flick O'Mahony and her camera.

"She broke my dose, can you believe it?" complained the Lt bitterly.

Gayathri froze in the middle of organizing her tools, seeing the newcomers. "Oh my goodness!" she exclaimed. "Lay down. Right here." She quickly escorted Tiggy and the lieutenant to separate beds. "What on earth did you do to your foot?!" She interrogated Tiggy.

"I tripped." Tiggy replied "the toe of my new boots caught in the lip of the airlock door as I stepped over it. Stupid really should have watched where I was going."

Gayathri frowned disapprovingly. "Yes, you should've." She proceeded to rummage through her tools, annoyed at how disorganized they were, and immediately started to work on her foot.

"Do you think she will be out of action for long?" asked Flick shoving a microphone under the Dr's nose.

Gayathri whacked the microphone away, glaring at Flick. "No." She said shortly. "And please keep that thing out of my face."

Flick smiled and turned her attention to Tiggy. "...and how are you feeling now Lt Lilas after your little trip? After all it is your first day as Chief Counselor"

"Er well...I seem to be getting better."

"You'll be fine tomorrow." Gayathri said in response. "I wouldn't worry about it."

"Dr is this the first time you have met your Chief Counselor." asked Flick ignoring the groans coming from the next bio bed along where the Lt with a broken nose lay.

"Yes." Gayathri said shortly. "Although I would've preferred to meet Lieutenant Lilas under... Different circumstances."

"Pleased to meet you Dr. I didn't intend to meet you like this. I had hoped that my first time aboard the Solaria would be more memorable than this." said Tiggy offering a hand to shake.

Gayathri shook her hand, a little annoyed. Here she was doing her job, and this crazy reporter was trying to interview her.

"Tell me Dr Suresh, are you looking forward to your tour onboard the USS Solaria?" asked Flick sweetly.

"I don't care about it." Gayathri replied bluntly. "Honestly I've already seen everything worth seeing in my opinion. Now stop asking me questions."

"Very well Doctor Suresh. I'll come back again when your not so busy if that's ok. Part of my duty on the USS Solaria apart from getting up everybody's left nostril is to interview members of the crew so that our readers and listeners get to know you all well. It will show you in a good light Dr and let them see how friendly and approachable starship Dr's really are. Thank you for your help Dr Suresh."

"You're welcome." Gayathri responded, her voice measured and clipped. "But please keep that microphone away from me. Thank you."

Flick and Mike stopped by the young Lt's bio bed and was glad to see that the bleeding from his broken nose had stopped. She stood by his side and touched his shoulder looking down on him. So many times and so many wounded ago Flick had stood or knelt by the injured and dying. Talked to them and held them as they slipped away, so many, to many memories.

"How you doing?" Flick asked gently

"Better." he replied

"Where's your home Lt?"

They talked for a few minutes and reminisced on where they had lived and worked, then Flick and Mike took their leave and walked out of sickbay.

Gayathri watched them leave, annoyed. Portray the ship in a good light? It's a battle ship, for heavens' sake. I'll just have to hope they stay away from me.



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