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Omega Sagittarii

Posted on Thu Aug 3rd, 2017 @ 10:18am by Captain Colby Drayton & Captain Nisea & Lieutenant Commander Koseth & Lieutenant Commander Jerryka Shiloh Ph.D & Lieutenant Jun'ko Zane & Lieutenant JG Paul Winchester & Lieutenant Gayathri Suresh & Lieutenant Louis Rashkae & Flick O'Mahony

Mission: Whispers In The Dark
Location: Various Locations
Timeline: 1400 Hours, MD 5

[Main Bridge]

The bridge was its usual hive of activity as the Solaria made its final approach to the Omega Sagittarii system. From there they would look for information on the location of the freighter, SS Tezra, which was allegedly being held hostage by members of the Rihansu Resistance. Their limited intelligence indicated that Omega Sagittarii II was the Tezra's last stop. It was imperative that the Solaria find the Tezra as soon as possible and work to deescalate the hostage crisis.

Commander Jerryka Shiloh sat in the XO's chair, one leg folded over the other, reading a PADD filled with department reports. To her right, the captain's chair sat empty, so she commanded the Bridge. She looked up from her PADD and turned her head to see Lieutenant Zane standing behind the mission operations console which was connected to the support rail behind the command area. She observed the woman for a brief moment before turning around and noting Commander Koseth sitting at the helm. Her eyes fell on Lieutenant Winchester.

"Mr. Winchester," she said, speaking up. "What's our ETA to Omega Sagittarii?"

After being released from sickbay after nearly being bonded to Ensign Rachel Stevens, who by the way now had woken up and was trying to serve out a penance for what she had done, In fact he did have a Bond. A bond with the ships Chief Medical officer . one Doctor Gayathri Suresh, as he heard the commander's voice bring him out of his thoughts, he looked at his console and replied," Ma'am, we should reach our destination in less than half an hour,"

"Wonderful." Jerryka responded with pursed lips. She turned back around to face Lieutenant Zane, making eye contact before she spoke. "How are you feeling, Lieutenant?"

Juni did not answer right away her mind was fully focused on every little bit of data she could get life now from the sensor systems which she had pushing to their max. When she felt like she could loose focus for a moment she turned her head in a single sharp snap type movement to the XO, "The hunt is on commander, let us all be focused." as she spoke her eyes showed the very focus she was talking about, in fact her whole physical stature had changed, she was ready to physically pounce on anything.

Jerryka turned back around in her seat with a gentle grin. "You heard the woman, everyone." she said more tenderly than Juni had. "The hunt is on.

Gayathri Suresh stared ahead at the viewscreen from where she stood on the Bridge, butterflies in her stomach. Only about a half-hour more, She thought anxiously. She usually kept to Sickbay, but this was too exciting to not be on the Bridge.

Jerryka noticed the doctor's presence for the first time and stood to greet her. She walked up the stairs with a smile. "Welcome to the Bridge." she said pleasantly.

"Thank you." Suresh said, distracted. Hostages! This is going to be so exciting! She quickly reminded herself that it was actually dangerous, not an exciting fantasy story. But still...

"Feel free to have a seat." Jerryka said, indicating the chairs behind her. "It might be a long wait here."

Suresh shook her head, majorly distracted. "No thank you." She said absently, staring at the screen.

Several minutes passed uneventfully on the Bridge as the Solaria warped toward their final destination. Commander Shiloh activated the command console between her seat on the command chair and combed through some tactical information and sensor readings. After several moments, she pressed the all-ship comm button.

"=/\=Now here this. Now here this. All crew prepare for arrival at Omega Sagittarii in ten minutes. Captain Drayton, please report to the bridge."

"Picking up well faded warp traces, Lieutenant Winchester could you run them past known examples, I know they are faint, but anything we can get will be of us." Juni said she was desperate for any trace she could get to finally have a trail to follow.

Paul replied," running traces now ma'am," as his hands flew over the console checking the trace through the database of all known craft.

Within seconds, Drayton entered the bridge by the side door that led to the rest of deck one and strode towards the Commander at the heart of the command deck. "Report," he barked as he took his own seat and instantly resuming command.

"We are picking up several faint warp trails, Lieutenant Winchester is running them past our databases. Beside that there are no signs of weapons usage we can pick up, at least not at our current distance. Also no indications for cloaked vessels in the area. In my oponion we are save to proceed, but with caution senors are not flawless." Juni reported her tone a bit sharp as she spoke with precision clamping down right after each tone for clarity.

The doors to the bridge opened swiftly and the F.N.S team stepped in. Mike scanned around the area watching a hive of activity going on. Yet it was all at a still calm, everyone was at their posts. Mike had the camera panned on her as she straightened her clothes and flicked an imaginary stray hair behind her ear.

"3...2...and Now."

"Good evening viewers and listeners of the F.N.S media station. You join us here on the Bridge of the USS Solaria at a very tense moment. As you can see the crew are going about their duties with exceptional professional care and detail. We have just received news that the Solaria is approaching the Omega Sagittarii system. They are on the trail of the missing freighter the SS Tezra and things are very tense. There could be many reasons why the freighter has gone missing and rumours abound. But we hope to find out a little more information for you. Here's the Captain of the Solaria now.

"Captain Drayton. Would you care to tell our viewers and listeners out there if you are any closer to finding out what happened to the SS Tezra."

"No," Drayton told bluntly as he turned to face the intruding press corps. "I don't care what arrangement was made with Starfleet Command, but the bridge is off limits without my express permission, especially during sensitive operations such as this. You will be briefed on developments when appropriate," the Captain informed before glancing at the Strategic Operations Officer. "Miss Zane," he called out with a smile, "would you care to escort,our visitors from the bridge?"

It was a good thing that Juni had a lot of training, cause otherwise she would not have been able to hide her satisfaction of hearing the captain address the intruders. So she stepped away from her console and towards the FNS team, "This way please." she said in a friendly tone pointing back towards the turbo lift, however her statue made very well clear that they better had to follow along. She was also glad that she had blocked any unknown transmissions from the bridge, surely some one would throw a fit about it, but operational security was in her eyes more important right now. Any misguided information could have some seriously bad consequences and she never had met a news crew capable of realizing that.

Flick shrugged off the influence of Miss Zane. What she really wanted to do was rant and rave about the rights and freedom of the press. She couldn't afford to make enemies here, she'd got enough of those already. Instead she smiled sweetly at the Captain, switched off her microphone and signaled to Mike to turn off the camera.

"I'm sorry Captain. I can be a bit rash at times forgive me. Permission to come to the Bridge Captain and keep out the way?"

Jane repeated herself and added some clarity, "This way please you have been requested to leave, failure to comply will lead to arrest and possible prosecution and no your press status will not protect you from this is. I assume with that you are clearly informed so please comply." Her tone had not changed, neither had her posture, the press where annoying enough as they stood she felt no reason to give them any more reasons to be even more annoying.

Flick looked once more at Captain Drayton hoping he might relent and change his mind. She had to try her job was on the line. "Shame really Captain I would have liked to have shown the USS Solaria in a raw action, a diamond in the rough as you might say and I'm good at that, I really am. But fair enough. Allons-y " Flick took a quick photograph of him and walked away with Miss Zane.

Once they had left the turbo lift a deck lower Jane spoke up again, "thank you for your cooperation and understanding." she said with a friendly nod before entering the turbo lift herself again to head back to the bridge.

She didn't give Flick a chance to answer and they watched the turbo lift doors close behind Miss Zane and heard it's perceptible hiss.

"On the whole I think that was a pretty good start to our tour of duty don't you Mike?"

Mike just shrugged and turned and walked down the hall intending to find the ship's bar. "My work is done. Coming?" he called out to her.

"Why not" she replied catching him up.


"Approaching the Omega Sagittarii system," came the deep Vulcan voice from the front of the bridge.

Commander Shiloh nodded from where she stood between Gayathri and Juni. She crossed her arms. "Take us out of warp and approach the planet at one quarter impulse power."

Jerryka stepped past the doctor and walked onto the command level, lowering herself quickly into her seat. She was focused, but more than a bit nervous. Would all of her book reading pay off?

"Slowing to one quarter impulse, aye," the Vulcan at the conn echoed as he carried out his instructions and reduced the ships speed.

Drayton remained silent and still in the command chair as he observed the unfolding situation and played everything over in his head. Eventually he turned to Rashkae. "Lieutenant, begin detailed scans. I want to find any trace of the Tezra, even if it is a decaying warp trail or a left over replicator trace on the planet," the Captain ordered.

Finally, their investigation could begin.


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