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Asking a Favor

Posted on Thu Jul 13th, 2017 @ 4:54pm by Lieutenant JG Paul Winchester & Ensign Rachel Stevens
Edited on on Wed Jul 19th, 2017 @ 8:00pm

Mission: Dramatis Personae
Location: Corridor/ Uss Solaria
Timeline: 09:40 Hrs- MD4

After leaving the meet and greet Party, Paul headed back to Cargo bay 1 to check on the supply issue that had dominated the travel to DS5. He had to deal with the chiefs of Security and Engineering after they had found out about the limited equipment that they had and had not been happy about it, nor had he been to tell the truth, He had found it rather frustrating and hoped the station’s stores manager accepted the problem that they had been put in.

As he walked down the corridor, he found the woman he had been looking for, a six foot tall Amazon built woman names Rachel Stevens who had taken Isabella in when she had arrived and was not a fan of Paul at the moment. He called out “Ensign Stevens, I’d like to have a word if I may?” as she turned round to face him.

“Yes Sir, What can I do for you?” she growled keeping her gaze upon him as she tried to make him feel guilty as hell for upsetting her friend. As she stood there with her hands upon her hips, she continued,” I’m waiting? “As well as making the chief Operations officer feel intimidated by her size and looks.
“Well Ensign,” replied Paul as he gulped a chunk of air. He continued,” I’d like to ask you to do a favour for me?” looking at her as he knew that she was not happy with him at all. But Paul knew that he wanted to make things right with Isabella, and to do that he had been forced to ask Rachel for her aid that aid would be to get her to talk Isabella in to agreeing to meet with him in the mess hall.

“So what is this favour you want me to do?” asked Rachel looking back at him, as she mocked him,” I bet you want me to talk to Isabella for you!” as she laughed at him and then relised that was what he was after as he stood firm in front of her. She looked at him once more and said,” You’re serious about this aren’t you?”

“Yes I am,” replied Paul looking at her, He continued,” I know I did wrong by her and I want to make up with her by taking her to dinner,” as he hoped that Rachel might give him a chance all though he was the Operations chief and a higher rank, this was not the time to pull rank, but the time to get to know the officers under his command and show them the respect that they deserved. And by showing them respect they then begin to show you respect.

“So, you want to take her out to dinner in the mess Hall?” replied Rachel looking back at him, she continued,” At least it is a start I suppose,” as the growl had started to soften into a purr of sorts. She then asked,” So, what is I get out of this?” placing one hand on her hip and giving him an evil stare.

“I will grant you double holodeck time for the next two months and the first one to get Shoreleave,” He stated knowing her price was going to be high, and the offer he had just made to her was only the starting point and she knew it. As he looked back at her and waited for an answer to his proposal.

“Make it double holodeck time for me for four months and first on shore leave,” she said looking back at him, she continued,” and you have a deal,” as she moved towards him she finished,” and on my planet how we seal a deal is with a kiss,” giving him a smile. As the Terranovan looked at him and wondered if Paul had read up on the planet and its customs or he hadn’t even bothered to find out about her race. Although she was Human, the same as he was, Her Planet was just slightly bigger than Earth was.


Lieutenant Paul Winchester
Chief Operations Officer
USS Solaria
Ensign Rachel Stevens
Operations Officer
USS Solaria


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