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Battle of Paul's Mind

Posted on Tue Jul 25th, 2017 @ 5:39am by Lieutenant JG Paul Winchester & Ensign Isabella Grier & Ensign Rachel Stevens & Lieutenant Gayathri Suresh & Chief Petty Officer Kafya

Mission: Dramatis Personae
Location: SickBay- USs Solaria
Timeline: 13:45 Hrs- MD4

Paul awoke startled as he looked around the room as he said,” Where am I?” as one of the nurses turned round to see Paul trying to sit up on his bed and rushed to his side, as she tried to get him to lay back down on the bed. Whilst still trying to get his bearings and trying to get up he wondered what the hell was wrong with him.

As Nurse Taylor rushed to his bedside she said,” Lieutenant, please lay back down,” as she knew that Paul wasn’t in his right frame of mind at the moment. After all from what his scans had shown was a high sections of his brain had been subjected to a telepathic bombardment. She called, “Doctor Gayathri, Lieutenant Winchester is awake, “as Paul laid back down on the bed. He turned to see Ensign Stevens on the next bed and then he remembered.

“What the hell has she done to me?” he stated looking back at Nurse Taylor. as he once more started to get agitated and tried to sit up again, He felt a bit violated after the announcement that Rachel had said before she passed out that the bonding process had started between them. Paul was not happy, all he had done was gone and asked her to talk to Isabella for him and then this happened.

Just then the Sickbay doors opened and in came a hysterical Isabella Grier, "I'm here to see Ensign Stevens who was brought in," as she spotted the prone figure laying on the bio bed next to Paul and then she saw Paul. as she marched straight over to him, "What the hell have you done to her?" pointing towards her friend.

Paul replied," What Have I done!" looking back at her, He continued," it is what she has done, the last I heard her say...." as he looked back at Isabella who was heading for a rage moment. He finished, "that she has started a bonding process with me,"

Gayathri Suresh rushed into the room and immediately scanned Paul. "What on earth?!" She muttered. "What is going on here?!" She demanded, getting agitated. Telepathic problems already!?!?

Paul replied," All I did was ask Ensign Stevens to talk to Ensign Grier here" pointing to the agitated young woman standing at the foot of his bed," about taking her out to dinner to apologize for yelling at her when I shouldn't have in the cargo bay," he continued looking at her as Her temper started to soften.

Paul replied," Ensign Stevens told me that where she comes from," looking at both of them hoping that they would not find this funny. He continued," to seal the deal she wanted a kiss to which we did," looking back at Isabella. He finished, " That's when all hell broke loose when she grabbed her head saying this shouldn't have happened."

Isabella asked him, "What shouldn't of happened?"

Paul replied, " A bonding Process,"

"A BONDING PROCESS?!" Gayathri yelled, looking more distressed than she normally would've ever looked. She stood with her back to them for a second, taking a couple deep breaths, then turned around, still frustrated but noticeably calmed down. "Well, you're a Terranovan, aren't you, Ensign Stevens." Without waiting for her to reply, she called, "Kafya, look up Terranovans for me, willya?"

Kafya, the head nurse, immediately began to research them. "Oh no..." The Brekkian sighed.

"What is it?" Gayathri snapped.

"Well, basically there's very few ways to undo a bond. I don't know that much about it- except that there's an obscure telepathic ritual involved in breaking a bond, and it's very risky."

Gayathri moved over to Ensign Rachel Stevens, frowning disapprovingly. "Telepathic interference... Very bad, very bad. I don't like this..." She looked up at Paul, her expression softening into one of helplessness. "Do you know anything about Terranovan telepathic rituals? Anyhow, I can't get her out of her coma, for some reason, so we might have to have... Outside telepathic interference." She looked very worried about this. "Which is very risky." She added.

Isabella replied," I could try contacting her mom for assistance on this," she said looking back at the Doctor, as this was all about Terranovan, but who better to ask than another Terranovan.

Paul replied," That's not a bad idea Isabella," looking at Gayathri, He continued, " Maybe she has some idea how to break this bonding," as he waited for Gayathri to respond.

Gayathri shook her head, looking worried. "It would take too long to contact them. As far as I know, we only have a little more time to break the bond before things turn to the worse. I do have an idea, but I don't know if it will work... It would require only another trained telepath, maybe a Vulcan or something. A telepath that would be able to probe your mind and single out the link that has formed mentally. And it would have to be quick..."

"Doctor, what are the risks to her and myself if we do this?" asked Paul as he didn't want anything to happen to the 21 year old nor cause a diplomatic incident between the two planets. as he looked at Isabella. who also looked concerned for Rachel who when had spoke to her mother before joining the Solaria. had introduced her to her mom who had called her part of the clan.

Isabella had taken it to heart and was looking rather worried for her clan mate, rather than for Paul Winchester who was her boss. and what state would Rachel be in after this break with the bond? as the question flowed through her mind.

"Well... You both could go insane, go into a coma, or die, or all three, but if we don't attempt it, I think it's safe to assume that will happen anyway. Unfortunately, it seems to be our only option."

"or I end up bonded to her," replied Paul, he wondered if a Kiss had started this then maybe, Just maybe a kiss would wake her up. He looked back at Gayathri and said," I have an Idea that might work," as he wouldn't hurt to try it.

Isabella looked back at Paul for a second, Then asked what is your Idea? As anything that they hadn't thought of might help to solve the problem. as she looked back at the Solaria's CMO for advice.

"A kiss started all this, Maybe a Kiss could wake her," Paul said looking back at both of them, He finished," It couldn't hurt could it?" as he felt responsible for her.

"Are you crazy? That would only strengthen the bond! This isn't a fairy tale, we need real solutions! Whatever that is!" Gayathri threw up her hands in frustration. "I'm going to get a telepath to try to sever the link. It's our only option, and we can't afford losing you, Paul, in any way."

"If it saves her life I'm willing to do whatever is necessary," replied Paul looking at the Doctor, He said," didn't you swear an oath to save lives?" as he started to swing his legs off of the bio bed and try to stand next her.

Isabella stood there watching Paul do what he thought was right by her friend, She said," I'm with Paul on this Doctor, it would be at least we tried something," as she moved to help Paul Stand.

"I'm trying to save lives, I'm trying." Gayathri said through gritted teeth. "We have two Vulcans on board, right? T'Prynn and Koseth? Koseth might be our best bet, in this case. Has he even boarded yet?"

Paul replied," Let me at least try for Christ sake," as he looked over at the sleeping form of Rachel, "What a beautiful woman you are Rachel and I don't blame you at all," as he leaned over and kissed her on the lips.

"STOP!" Gayathri yelled, but it was too late. "I already said that would just strengthen the bond!" Of course, Rachel didn't wake up.

Gayathri, extremely frustrated, turned to Kafya. "Kafya, get me a Vulcan, I don't care who, just be quick."

Kafya nodded, wide-eyed, and quickly exited the room. Pretty soon, she returned. "I can't find anyone."

Gayathri sighed. "This is not good. Not good at all." She turned to Paul. "I'm going to have to try something extremely risky. I'll need your permission for this... I want to initiate a mind-meld with you."

Paul replied," what would that do Doctor?" replied Paul looking back at her, he wondered why the Doctor would want to try that, He continued," Are you trying to create a bond with me to break her one?" as he asked the question. as he moved gingerly towards the CMO, He finished," If you think it would work then so be it,"

"No, I wouldn't be creating a bond with you, I'd try to break the bond you formed with Ensign Stevens." Gayathri said. "The problem is that I have never been trained in a mind-meld, which greatly increases the danger."

" I said yes didn't I Doctor, So do it already," replied Paul as he looked back at Isabella, as She understood that Rachel never had meant for this to happen in the first place and she also decided that it was best that Paul and her survived and would also call Rachel's mom tonight.

Taking a deep breath, Gayathri leaned forward towards Paul and placed both hands on his temples. She really didn't know how she would do it, but soon, as she focused on him, she slipped into his thoughts. Gayathri waited a moment, shocked by her surroundings. Her consciousness was quite literally melded with his.

She then dug deeper, searching for something different than the monotone of his semiconscious thoughts, and found a strong mental energy that felt vaguely like a thread. She could feel its power, winding around the perimeter of Paul's brain and eroding it from its core.

This is it. She thought, knowing that it was the mental bond between Paul and Rachel. Now how do I break it?

Gayathri could feel a reserve of energy in both of their minds, and she knew that the bond was sapping it. Maybe she could direct their now-combined energy at it... Calming her nerves and taking a mental deep breath, she imagined grasping the mental energy around her and forcing it through the bond, shoving his mind away from Ensign Stevens's.

Slowly, the bond began to break. Just then, she realized what she'd done wrong. His mental energy was unraveling, breaking away, as well as the bond.


Gayathri felt for her own mental energy, struggling to distinguish it from the rest of the colorful blur of thoughts. Suddenly, she found it, a well of reserve hidden from the pandemonium. She wrapped the energy around his mind, holding it together, and used her final fragments of energy to completely demolish the bond.

With a blinding snap, his mind magnetized back together, the bond completely gone. A second after that, Gayathri snapped back to her own mind, falling away from Paul.

She leaned against the wall, breathing hard. "Paul? Can you hear me? Are you okay??"

Paul looked at her for a second and then blinked a couple of times and then said," yes Love, I'm fine," as he raised his hands to her face and then kissed her full on the lips. as he thought to himself~ wow, she did it~ as he continued to kiss her he thought ~Thank you Gaya~ as he released her from the kiss he collapsed into her arms and started to snore.

Gayathri stood in shock for a minute, staring at Paul.

Isabella looked back at Paul and then at the CMO, as a voice Isabella knew all to well spoke, and spoke rather meekly to say the least. Isabella rushed to her friends side and said," Rachel, your awake?"

Rachel replied," what the hell happened," as she looked straight at Isabella for a few minutes as once again Rachel passed out and fell back to sleep. Isabella looked over at Gayathri for a moment who had her arms full with a snoring Paul Winchester.

Isabella asked " Is that Normal for a mind-meld to happen after the meld has taken place Doctor?" as Isabella looked back at Rachel again, as she asked another question. "and is she going to be alright?" as the concern for her friend was starting to show again.

Gayathri shook herself, looking back at Isabella. "She'll probably be alright." She said quietly. "She needs to get more rest to let her mind fully heal, then she'll probably be alright. It seems I was lucky with the mind-meld, considering that I have no training."

"What do you thinks has happened with Paul?" she asked looking at the snoring figure in the Doctors arms, she continued, " Especially as he just snogged the hell out of you afterwards," she grinned back at her. She finished," To me it looks like you broke one bond and formed another Doc,"

Gayathri shook her head, smiling slightly. "I don't think so. He'll probably be fine soon, also, I'm not that worried about it now. Although if he doesn't stop kissing telepaths I'll have my hands full again."

"Well, you better find out when he wakes up," replied Isabella looking back at her, "what happens if he can hear your thoughts and you can hear his?" she asked looking at Gayathri. She continued," Just asking for curiosity of course?" as this now would be interesting tale to tell Rachel when she woke up.

"That would be odd." Gayathri laughed. "I guess we'll have to wait and see. However, since Vulcans don't generally have a mental bond like the Terranovans, and also considering the fact that I am only half Vulcan, I don't think that would be the case unless the mind-meld was so intensive that it somehow permanently, partially melded our thoughts."

"Yes, we will have to wait and see Doctor," replied Isabella looking at the prone figure of Paul still in her arms. She asked," Do you want help putting him back on the bed Doctor?" as she knew that the Doctor could not manage it herself. she finished "and then would you call me and let me know when the boss wakes up and the same for Rachel?" as she wanted to be here for the fun part.

"I'll let you know when he comes around." Gayathri promised. She looked back at Paul and bit her lip. I sincerely hope that this will end well....


Lieutenant Paul Winchester
Chief Operations officer
USS Solaria
Ensign Isabella Grier
Operations officer
USS Solaria
Ensign Rachel Stevens
Operations officer
USS Solaria


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