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Checking up on a friend

Posted on Tue Jul 25th, 2017 @ 5:41am by Lieutenant JG Paul Winchester & Ensign Isabella Grier & Ensign Rachel Stevens

Mission: Dramatis Personae
Location: Mess Hall-USS Solaria
Timeline: 15:45 Hrs- MD4

After leaving Lieutenant Winchester and Doctor Suresh in their discussions. Ensign Isabella Grier had gone off in search of her friend Ensign Rachel Stevens who had been the catalyst in all of the mess which had started with Lieutenant Winchester asking her to do a favour for him. That favour had been to get Rachel to talk to her and ask her to accompany the Lieutenant to Dinner.

However; due to the Terranovn's customs, A deal like that had to be formally sealed with a kiss, except unknown to Rachel she was in the midst of something similar to what Vulcans call Pon Farr and had started to form a mental bond with Lieutenant Winchester. Which had resulted in both of them passing out and being taken to Sick-bay where Doctor Suresh had problems finding a telepath in order to halt the Bonding Process. as she continued to recount the mess that had followed. Isabella had returned to their quarters and not finding Rachel there and decided to check out the Mess Hall, It was there that Isabella found her staring at a Cold drink with her hands shaking like a leaf. "Hey Rachel," Isabella said as her friend looked up at her. Isabella asked," May I join you?"

"Suit yourself, I'm going to be kicked out of Starfleet anyway, "replied Rachel looking back at Isabella, As Isabella took the offered seat and sat down. she looked back at the fizzy drink, " I have caused a lot of pain to a senior officer and should be flogged for it as custom dictates," She added, " I am to become his maid for the next two years,"

Isabella looked back, "I have just left Lieutenant Winchester and he holds no grudge against you," she stated looking at Rachel. She asked, "Do you remember anything about what happened?" as she wanted to find out for herself and not find out from someone else. as she wondered if Rachel didn't even know about the bond that now existed between the Doctor and Lieutenant Winchester.

"The last thing I remember is having a conversation with Lieutenant Winchester about getting you to have Dinner with him," she stated looking at Isabella. She continued," We then kissed to seal the deal and then I started getting a pain in my head and I could slightly hear him and then I passed out," keeping her gaze upon Isabella. " The next thing I can remember is waking up in Sick-bay for a few seconds and then passing out once more," She started to wonder why was Isabella asking her this as it started to make her feel guilty about it all even more. Rachel asked," Why are you asking about it?" looking back at her," It's not like I nearly became bonded to him did I!" she continued as she leaned back in her chair and picked up the cold drink and took a sip of it. as well as keeping her eyes focused on her friend.

Isabella responded," Well Rachel, you nearly were bonded to him," as she watched her friend started to choke upon her drink and put it back down on the table as she watched Rachel wipe her mouth upon her sleeve. Isabella continued," That is if Doctor Suresh hadn't performed a mind meld on Paul," she watched Rachel's face as the news began to sink in hard. she finished," and from what I understand you nearly fried Paul's brain as well,"

Rachel looked back at her shocked, "No, No, No, Please tell me that your Joking about that," as her hands began to shake and her head shook as she spoke those last words. Rachel looked up at her friend expecting her to be laughing and all she found was her friend looking straight at her. Rachel said," Your serious about that I can tell,"

"Deadly serious," replied Isabella, "Doctor Suresh used her own mental energies to save him and by doing so combined them to break the bond between you both," she continued looking back at Rachel. She finished, although you did help create a bond between him and the Doctor," as Isabella hated this part of the news that she had to tell her friend. She stated," It seems that you have taken their choice of Partners away from them as now they are Life mates,"

"Oh god no, I haven't caused that have I?" asked Rachel who picked up her drink and took a big swig of the cold liquid, " I didn't mean to honest," as she knew now the price that Doctor Suresh had paid for helping them both. Rachel pushed her chair back and said to Isabella, " I must go to them and make my Apologies and surrender myself into their service,"

Before Isabella could say anything Rachel was halfway to the door and heading back towards Sick-bay to begin her penance for what she had done. Isabella tapped her com-badge "Grier to Winchester, Rachel is on her way to you both to try and start some Penance for causing the Bond,"

Paul replied,=/\=" Winchester here, Message received and understood, Winchester out=/\= as she heard the channel close, Isabella knew that she had tried to talk to her friend and explain everything, But all Rachel seemed to care about was the Customs of her own people and how she was to put everything right.


Lieutenant Paul Winchester
Chief Operations Officer
Uss Solaria
Ensign Isabella Grier
Operations Officer
USS Solaria
Ensign Rachel Stevens
Operations Officer


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