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The Talk

Posted on Tue Jul 25th, 2017 @ 5:41am by Lieutenant JG Paul Winchester & Ensign Isabella Grier & Ensign Rachel Stevens

Mission: Dramatis Personae
Location: Outside Sick-bay -USS Solaria
Timeline: 16:00 hours MD 4

After leaving Gaya to get on with her report for the Captain, Paul’s com-badge chirped. He said,” Winchester here, go ahead,” as he started on down the corridor and had decided to head back to his quarters for some rest after what he had just been through with Ensign Stevens and Gaya Suresh the solaria’s chief Medical officer. Paul had now to get used to hearing someone else’s thoughts inside his head and knew that he would have to seek out the ships counsellor to help him get used to the idea.

Although he didn’t bear a grudge against the young female Ensign one bit, but at least she could have warned someone that she was about to enter this part of her cycle of life. But he knew that if the warning had been there then things might have been different for him and all concerned He heard the voice of Ensign Isabella Grier =/\=” Grier to Winchester, Rachel is on her way back to you both to start serving penance for what she has done,”=/\=

“Did you say Penance? What sort of Penance is she talking about?” asked Paul turning on his heels and started to head back the way he had come. He knew that Gaya must be listening in to his thoughts. He was worried about Rachel’s state of mind. Could it be the backlash from the break of the bond or the news of what she had done to both Gaya and him?
=/\=” The Penance she is talking about is becoming your and Doctor Suresh’s maid for the next year,”=/\= replied Isabella, she continued, =/\= “She is feeling rather guilty about everything including the link you and the Doctor share,”=/\= as Paul stopped for a second and started to rub his temple.

He said, “Isabella,” using her first name he continued,” I was going to take you out and start wooing you, but it seems that I’d better talk Rachel round and calm her down,” as he approached the Sick-bay doors he noticed Rachel about to head in. he finished,” Is that ok with you?” as he didn’t want Isabella to feel guilty about what Paul had to do.

=/\= “Do what you have to do Paul, Even if it means having to date her,”=/\= responded Isabella knowing her future with Paul had now gone to pot. Which she knew that sorting Rachel out was more a priority than her own.

“Thanks, Winchester out,” he said as he closed the channel. He called “Ensign Stevens, you wanted to see me, here I am,” as he walked up to her and stood in front of the doors. As he looked directly at her, she dropped to her knees with her head down looking at the floor.

She said, “Master, I am sorry for the problems that I have caused you,” as she lifted her head up to look at him, She continued, “All I ask is for penance to be served,” as she began to shake for fear of what Paul might do to her.

Paul replied,” I am not your Master, You are an Ensign in Starfleet, the first of which I am not mistaken,” as he looked at her, He continued,” Now get up off the floor Ensign Stevens as we will have a talk, and there will be no Penance served here today,” as he gave her smile, showing her no hard feelings as he held out his hand.

Rachel responded,” But I caused you pain and ended you up…..”
Paul replied, “In a Mental link with Doctor Suresh, yes I know,” looking back at her, “But we have talked about this and all we are happy about is that you are alive and well,” He continued looking at her. He finished, “All we want from you is to work hard and prove us right.” As he kissed her hand making her feel wanted.

Rachel responded, “It is what is expected of me,” looking back at Paul, She asked,” So I am not in trouble then?” as she hoped that the Lieutenant might ask the Captain to show leniency in her case. She knew in her heart that she should have mentioned something to Isabella about what could happen to her, however; she hadn’t and now she knew the consequences of her actions.

Paul thought for a minute and then came up with an idea. He said,” You want to serve a penance for what you have done?” He continued,” Then here is your penance, you will join me every night in my Quarters having dinner with me,” looking back at her. He finished,” And you are to dress as feminine as you like,”

She looked back at him for a moment and then spoke,” I’m to be your Dinner guest for how long?” as she needed to know the length of punishment and knew that the Lieutenant was trying to make her feel wanted by him and those around her and to put her at ease. She finished,” Sir, I agree to your terms to be your girl Friday,” holding out her hand as she didn’t want to chance the bond starting back up again. “That’s if the term is right?” asking the question.

“If I wanted you to be my Girl Friday Rachel,” calling her by her first name, He stated for the record ” I would have stated that you stay the night with me,” He finished without realising what he had just said to her, Paul looked back at her and gave her another smile to Calm her nerves.

She asked,” What time is Dinner Sir as I need to pack my toothbrush?” As she turned to leave him, She said,” Thank you Sire, I am yours now and forever,” as she turned and ran back to her own quarters to pack her things to move in with Paul.

Paul said,” dinner is at 18:00 hours, do not be late,” as he didn’t realise what he had just done as he hoped that Gaya would fill him in on his mistake that he had just made. Pack my toothbrush, what did she mean by pack my Toothbrush. as he turned to head back to his Quarters to rest.

Lieutenant Paul Winchester
Chief Operations Officer
USS Solaria

Ensign Isabella Grier
Operations officer
USS Solaria


Ensign Rachel Stevens
Operations Officer
USS Solaria


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