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Trouble, trouble, trouble?

Posted on Sat Sep 30th, 2017 @ 7:57pm by Captain Nisea & Lieutenant JG Yla Marloen

Mission: Episode 1: The Gamma Quadrant Awaits...
Location: Captain's ready room
Timeline: Two Days Prior To Re-Launch, 1300

Yla was sitting at one of the better bars on the promenade of Starbase 565. A glass of spirits in front of her home to a few large ice cubes and a amber liquid and a cigarette between her fingers which she had just moved away from her mouth. She blew out a gentle stream of smoke as the bartender walked up to her, "Refill after this one?" he asked.

Yla shook her head gently, "No thanks, I just needed one to calm the senses before I report in to the Solaria." she said.

The bartender arched an eyebrow, "Solaria, huh? Well good luck then - you will need it." and with that he was off tending to the many patrons at his bar.

Yla did not read to much in to it as she finished her smoke and drowned the remainder of her glass which was now a bit more palatable to her with the ice having watered it down just a bit. With that done, she stood up and made her way over to the dry dock finishing another smoke on the way.

15 minutes later she stood in front of the captain's ready room and hit the chime ensuring that her uniform was at least to specifications.

"Enter!" barked a voice from inside the Captain's domain.

Yla wandered in wondered why the captain was so upset, "Afternoon captain, I am Lieutenant Junior Grade Yla Marloen, assigned as your chief flight control officer." she said giving a salute at least and holding a padd in her left hand in case the captain had not recieved the paperwork herself. She did hope that the smell of the smoke and the alcohol even though she only had 1 drink did not carry over.

Nisea sat opposite the door and looked the newcomer up and down. It was clear this woman was not a particularly polished Starfleet officer. The Admiral clearly hated her, not that it would be her problem much longer. "Take a seat, Lieutenant," the Syllian greeted the guest.

"Aye Captain." Yla said taking her seat and speaking during it, "I hope you have my paperwork, if not I brought a copy in case.". When she was fully seated she took a relaxed and comfortable position in the chair which did not exactly offer any good ones.

"We have your paperwork Lieutenant," Nisea confirmed as she relaxed in her chair, her cranial claws flexing a little as she got comfortable. "Your previous assignment must have been an interesting one to have you promoted after just two years. Would you care to explain more?" the Captain queried.

"I am a damn good pilot, or so they say. Beyond that, my last assignment was mostly convoy escorts with the occasional group of idiots who thought it was wise to disturb us, but that happened maybe half a dozen times." Yla said not entirely sure where the captain was going at and well the captain's face was impossible to read for her.

"A damn fine pilot doesn't find themselves lumbered with a voyage on the ship of the damned," the Captain exclaimed, her attitude and feelings changed significantly since her conversation with Admiral Ramsey.

"I am sorry captain, but you lost me there. Ship of damned, what do you mean by that?" Yla asked clearly unaware of things still.

"Things don't exactly go well for us," Nisea responded. "In fact, I will not be your commanding officer for much longer. I'll be transferring once we get to our next destination," she revealed.

Yla arced an eyebrow not sure what to make about any of it all so far. She decided to make sure to give the ship and history a look over as soon as she left the office. "So what does that all mean for me?" she asked with those thoughts in mind.

"I've received assurances that whoever comes in to replace me will not be making any changes to staffing unless roles are vacant at the time of their arrival or they are agreed with the people in question. So, you are safe," the Captain revealed with a reassuring nod, well as reassuring as the woman could give in the current situation. "So, what is the biggest ship you have ever piloted?"

"USS Amsterdam at the Academy one of the old excelsior's they keep around for cadet training. Beside that many ours of holodeck training on most types in the fleet, some training was official other just showing off between cadets. Since graduation however it has been the USS Groningen and well Defiants don't have holodecks. So as far as the Galaxy class goes I have about 150 hours of sim training." Yla said glad to just go back to simple questions, whatever was going on didn't really feel like it was hers to know.

"Well she is all yours now Lieutenant. We have been having some engine trouble lately, so I advise you speak to the ships Engineer and the Assistant Ops Officer as soon as possible. We'll be leaving for the Gamma Quadrant in the not too distant future," the Syllian revealed as she rose from her seat. She always liked to keep these initial meetings as brief as possible, even more so now that they didn't have to really get to know one another. In less than a week, these people would no longer be her responsibility.

Nisea offered out a hand in respect however and offered the best smile she could muster. "Welcome aboard," she spoke.

Yla took the offered hand, "Thanks captain and for what it is worth, good luck."

Nisea watched as the younger officer departed the ready room and then she got to work preparing reports for whoever, or whatever, was to assume command in the near future.


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