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Change of Orders

Posted on Sat Sep 30th, 2017 @ 3:37pm by Captain Nisea
Edited on on Sat Sep 30th, 2017 @ 7:55pm

Mission: Episode 1: The Gamma Quadrant Awaits...
Location: Ready Room
Timeline: 1200 Hours, Two Days Before Departure

Nisea entered the Captain’s ready room and took her seat behind the desk of the private office, her smaller frame somewhat lost in the high backed leather chair that dominated the room. She reached out her fragile looking hand and pressed the button that activated the console on the desk and provided her with the opportunity to enter her command access codes. Seconds later, she was presented with the face of Admiral Ramsey.

The ageing Terran nodded in greeting to the woman, a single word of address indicated that dialogue was open. “Captain,” Noah started.

“Admiral,” Nisea countered, just as coldly as the Admiral seemed to. There was clearly no real relationship between the two officers, and certainly no love lost there either.

“As you know Captain,” the mans shaking voice began, “the Port Admirals met earlier to discuss the repercussions of the Solaria’s most recent missions,” he reminded her, although he was sure she wouldn’t particularly need reminding that three senior officers had been discussing her fate. “I’ll cut right to the chase Captain. We believe that you, ultimately, made the wrong choice in allowing the cargo freighters to be taken by the Romulan Resistance,” the Admiral declared.

Nisea nodded, hardly surprised at the finding of their mini investigation. She expected them not to approve of her decision, but she did expect the, to respect it. She was wrong.

“After much deliberation Captain, we have decided to transfer the Solaria to the 4th fleet and her Gamma Quadrant exploration unit. Solaria will be under the command of Vice Admiral Archer,” he then paused and let out a long breath before quietly speaking again. “Your orders are to disembark from the Starbase in two days time and join the Starship Proxima in escorting a small convoy to Deep Space Eleven in the Gamma Quadrant.”

That didn’t seem so bad. Another escort duty was fine by her if it meant getting out of Starbase again. “Absolutely sir,” the Syllian nodded in confirmation.

“Don’t accept so readily,” the older Terran retorted as he threw his hands in the air to stop her in her tracks. “Once in the Gamma Quadrant, you will relinquish command of the Solaria to Admiral Archer and a commanding officer of her choosing. You will assume a new role as Adjutant to one of the new sector commanders,” Ramsey instructed, his tone much more forceful now as he relayed his orders.

Relinquish command? Reassigned? She knew she had ruffled feathers, made a bad call, but this seemed somewhat extreme. People made mistakes every day, even Starship Captains, she mused.

“You do, of course, have another option,” the Admiral confirmed with a raised eyebrow, a sign of understanding between the two.

There was no way the Syllian would give up so easily and resign. No, she would carry out her orders and appeal to Admiral Archer once she arrived. A fresh start, a clean slate. She was certain the Admiral would hear her out. “We’ll depart as soon as we can, sir,” the Captain responded with a single nod of acknowledgement. “If that’s all?” she concluded.

Ramsey nodded and swiftly disappeared without so much as a thank you or a goodbye. It was as if they had never spoken, only the Captain was acutely aware of the fact that they had. Sitting back in her chair, the Syllian played it all out in her head. It was the perfect opportunity! With most of her senior staff being replaced, it would be the ideal opportunity for a new commmander to come in and put their stamp on things. Gods, she hated the Admiralty some days.


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