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New CO

Posted on Sun Oct 8th, 2017 @ 10:46pm by Captain Nisea & Vice Admiral Lauren Archer
Edited on on Sun Oct 8th, 2017 @ 10:56pm

Mission: Episode 1: The Gamma Quadrant Awaits...
Location: New Bajor
Timeline: 1815 Hours - Day Before MD01

If anyone had been on the surface of New Bajor that cool, summers evening, and had been looking up at the stars at that exact moment using an interplanetary telescope, they would have noticed several flashes of light at the far edge of the system; beyond the other planets, beyond the asteroids that littered the outer rim of the system, several vessels dropped from warp and slowly made their approach to the command centre of the Starfleet presence in the Quadrant. Led by the massive bulk of the Solaria, this small convoy had been underway for two days and were overdue thanks to technical problems on the Solaria herself, but they had finally arrived.

Traversing through the asteroids and past several planets, the vessels soon arrived in orbit of New Bajor having been diverted from their original heading to Starbase Unity several hours earlier. For all aboard the aging Galaxy, their arrival signalled a few hours of rest and relaxation but also great change. News had quickly spread of Captain Nisea’s pending reassignment so now the rumour mill was in overdrive. Why was she being reassigned? Who would they get in her place? The early betting pool (as always, set up by the ships mischievous Intelligence Officer) had a Bajoran, Captain Kala Deion, as the early favourite. Captain Kala had been serving on Admiral O’Connell’s staff before he departed for the Alpha Quadrant and was now in need of a new assignment. In truth though, no one had any idea. The only certainty was that it wouldn’t be Captain Picard of the Enterprise. He’d be too busy putting out bush fires somewhere with the far superior Enterprise-E. No one in their right mind would give up the flagship of Starfleet for a posting on the “ship of the damned” as her crew had begun to affectionately refer to the Solaria.

Upon entering orbit, the ships Syllian commander beamed to the planet’s surface and was swiftly guided to the office of the Task Force Commander. After ringing the chime to give the Admiral an indication she was waiting, the bolshy female stood and waited patiently. As patiently as anyone who knew they were about to be reassigned could anyway.

Lauren was just starting to settle into her new office, she had to give the architects credit where credit was due. These chambers were definitely grander than the ones on Bajor or even back at Intelligence. "Enter" She calmly said when she heard the chime.

With a deep breath and a tug on the hem of her undershirt, the Captain walked forward and entered the Admiral's office. She wandered towards the desk and came to a halt before it. "Captain Nisea reporting," she spoke.

Lauren looked up at the woman, the Solaria was one of the first ships to join them in the Gamma Quadrant since full transit between the quadrants was restored. "Ah yes, Captain. I have been expecting you"

"I am aware of the impending changes to the Solaria crew ma'am. Respectfully, I'd like to note for the record I completely disagree with the decision," Nisea informed as she remained upright and tall, a stance of attention as she intended to keep the situation formal.

Lauren nodded "So noted, Captain. Unfortunately the record and especially reports I am faced with do lead me to agree with your previous superiors. Given other circumstances I might be inclined otherwise but as it stands, Task Force 9 needs a more strict interpretation of how things are to be done."

Nisea would have lifted an eyebrow if she had one, but instead the crab like talons on the back of her skull continued to flex. "If that is what is needed then I understand," she commented begrudgingly. "Am I allowed to ask who will be taking my place?" she queried.

"Of course, Captain Nilani Azulas. She has quite some history in this Task Force and specifically the fight against the Consortium. Don't worry Captain, your time in the command chair will return. But for now, keep your head low and take the time to improve your standing with the Admiralty." Lauren replied.

"So I lose the center chair to a woman who lost her own command?" Nisea questioned, a look of incredulity on her mottled face. She had heard of this woman, this Azulas, and was not at all amused that she would be taking over her crew. It didn't matter to her what reputation this woman had in the Admiral's precious task force- Azulas had lost her command, the USS Nogura having blown up, but now she got to swan in and take over someone elses? Sometimes, Starfleet Command were really screwed up.

"In this case you are losing it to someone with a career as a battle-hardened commander with intimate knowledge of this quadrant and its people, yes. Now, for your future career, I would consider your response very carefully. This has the full backing of Starfleet Command. Anything less than a clean shift in command will have consequences" Lauren said, now sternly to make it clear Nisea was rapidly approaching a line.

"What are my orders Admiral?" Nisea asked, deciding to heed the woman's warning and carefully consider her response. If she had any desire to return to command sometime soon, she had to be in good standing, not a brig cell.

"Tomorrow at 1500 you will meet with Captain Azulas to discuss the current state of the ship as well as matters that should be brought to her attention, at 1800 you will formally hand over command authority. You will then have 2 days of leave time on New Bajor before the USS Pioneer takes you to Starbase Unity. You will be placed under the command of the Sector Commander and likely assigned to a strategic operations post concerning the Dominion," Lauren replied.

"Understood ma'am," Nisea responded swiftly. She'd have preferred to return to the Alpha Quadrant, but at least on Unity she could still keep tabs on the Solaria and her new CO. "Permission to return to the Solaria?"

"Granted, you are dismissed Captain.

Nisea swiftly went to attention, clicking her heels together momentarily before an immediate about face and an equally swift departure from the Admiral's office. Once outside, the Captain let out a growl before pushing her way past two waiting Adjutants and made her way for the transporter room. Solaria, for another day anyway, awaited her.


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