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The Rawlings Report

Posted on Mon Oct 9th, 2017 @ 8:56pm by Lieutenant Randall Rawlings & Captain Nisea

Mission: Episode 1: The Gamma Quadrant Awaits...
Location: Captain's Ready Room
Timeline: 1315 Hours

Randall had unloaded most of his belongings into his new quarters. They were quite spacious quarters after all. He thought to himself that this may not be so bad of an assignment after all.

Meticulously, he placed his books on a shelf next to his bed. There had to be an order to the way they were placed. The same was true of the various images and other belongings that he would put up in the quarters. Perhaps it was part of the job? Bringing order to chaos was one of the things security and tactical was called to do. While that was typically done through violence, force, intimidation and other means, that doesn't mean he couldn't create some order peacefully in his own quarters.

Once set up, he ran through a quick check of each room and his bags to make sure that everything was put away. "The holodeck programs!" he thought to himself. He left them in a pocket of one of his bags. Since he spent more free time than most on the holodeck, he wanted to make sure that we uploaded his various holodeck programs and holonovels when time allowed.

First though, he knew he had to report in and meet the Commanding Officer. Taking a look in the mirror on the way out, he proceeded a turbolift. "Bridge" he said. The turbolift was on the move.

While he wouldn't ever admit to it, Rawlings was nervous. Nervous about new people, a new ship, but most of all, worried about what the Captain knew about him, and why he was transferred here. It was far from the most pleasant of circumstances. Surely the Captain would have to know.

One the turbolift doors open, he stepped out and took a look at the tactical station. No one looked back at him as he stared around and walked to the Captain's Ready room. He readjusted his uniform and pressed the wall pad to announce his arrival.

"Enter!" the voice from beyond called.

"This is it" Rawlings thought as he entered the Ready Room. "Captain, Nisea. I'm Lieutenant Randall Rawlings, reporting for duty. I'm pleased to make your acquaintance ma'am."

Nisea rose from her chair as was customary and offered a hand in greeting to the ships new Tactical Operations she smiled as she released his hand and offered him a seat across from her.

After sitting down, he looked around the room. "I must say Captain, this is the first time I've been on a Galaxy Class, but I did see plenty of action from them during the Dominion War." He took a deep breath and continues. "Civilians on board, exploratory missions, still seems like a different time." He quickly focused on the situation at hand and the conversation he should be having "Well Captain, I'm still getting adjusted here, but is there anything that I should be on the lookout for? Or is there any advice you'd be willing to give me about the ship?"

Nisea shook her head slowly. "What I would like to know Lieutenant, is how you came to be on the voyage of the damned? What did you screw up? Who screwed you over? Who felt it best to send you to us?" the Captain queried as she relaxed in her chair.

"Voyage of the damned?" Randall thought to himself. Maybe his story wouldn't be as bad as some others. "I was serving on board the USS Hornet previously. Damned fine ship and a damned fine crew. To be frank with you ma'am, Captain Davenport was the exception. You see, during the Dominion War, he was among the lucky few who remained on a science station. That was one of the perks of being the son of an Admiral. Well one day, I walk into our Senior Staff meeting and he is talking to a newly commissioned Ensign about the Dominion War. How poorly it was fought and how much better we would have faired had we done this or that. I was a little unhappy with that, but when he mentioned how embarrassed he was oh how we did in that war." Randall took a deep breath and continued. "You see ma'am, I lost a lot of friends in that war. In every engagement that I was in, we always fought our hardest. I know how lucky we were to end out the victors in that war and how close we were to being beat. I couldn't let that go, not when he was spreading those beliefs onto a young Ensign who didn't know any better. So, I spoke up, trying to defend all of the veterans and those who lost their lives. I was polite at first, but the Captain wouldn't have it. Things got pretty heated and we were in each other's face. I had had enough when Captain Davenport mentioned that had I been a better tactical officer, I wouldn't have lost the Atlantis. So, I clocked him. One swing and he was out. When the Captain woke up with a massive headache, he ran to Daddy so I had an Admiral and a Captain who have me on their naughty list. So" he paused "here I am. Demoted sure, but, I guess I'm lucky my career isn't over Captain. Believe it or not, I'm happy to be here, Voyage of the Damned and all."

Trying to turn the pressure off of him, he asked in as friendly of a tone as possible and with a smile on his face, "Do I want to know what you did Captain?"

Nisea shrugged her shoulders. “Like you, I ruffled some feathers and made some decisions people didn’t agree with. Ultimately, the Solaria is going to join a new fleet under a new commander, and they always like to have people they know and can trust in Command,” the Syllian told. “It sounds like you did what any self respecting veteran would have done Lieutenant, myself included,” she continued. “Just don’t go clocking your new commander if you want to stay in the fleet much longer,” she instructed.

Rawlings smiled. "If that's how you feel about what I did Captain, I doubt we'll have a problem." He took a deep breath. "With your permission ma'am, I'd like to take a longer look around the ship, read up on her more technical and tactical specifications to be ready for duty tomorrow. Is there anything else you need from me Captain?"

Nisea nodded as she rose from her chair. "I have instructions from command to have a full review of all tactical and security procedures and protocols completed by the time we arrive in the Gamma Quadrant. Security teams need to be vetted before being put into active service following the Consortium threat. You're look around may have to wait," the Syllian revealed as she offered a hand. "I wont take anymore of your time Lieutenant," she concluded.

"Understood Captain." Rawlings replied. "I'll make sure to start reviewing the procedures and personnel right away. I'll report to you the findings of my review as soon as it is ready." He shook the Captain's hand. "Its a pleasure to be aboard ma'am, I'll be around if you need me."

Rawlings turned around and walked out of the ready room, if he was going to be reviewing the personnel, and procedures of the ship. It would be best to do it in private or in an inconspicuous way. Back to the quarters for now it seemed.

He meant what he said, it was a pleasure to be aboard. After all, he was fortunate not to have been transferred to a transport or other boring assignment. It was time to make the most of this posting.


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