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The new Bucket of bolts

Posted on Sat Oct 7th, 2017 @ 1:45pm by Lieutenant JG Paul Winchester & Ensign Isabella Grier & Ensign Rachel Stevens

Mission: Episode 1: The Gamma Quadrant Awaits...
Location: Shuttle bay- USS Solaria
Timeline: MD1-15:00 Hrs

Paul Winchester sat in the shuttle that had brought him from the USS Wilson to that of Starbase 565 He had been sent here with his newly regained rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade which was part 1 of his goal to regain full Lieutenant after his actions towards Lieutenant Aya and had nearly cost his commission in the process, He looked out of the window at the sight of his next assignment the Galaxy class USS Solaria.

He had heard that the Galaxy class had been put out of service, but here he was looking at one, most probably taken out of the scrap yard and given to this crew as a punishment for some past crime, but this looked like it was a bucket of bolts and that his department was sure going to have their hands full over the next few months as the shuttle began its docking procedures, Paul tugged at his uniform that fitted his 5 feet l 7 inches tall frame.

As the hiss of the door started fall towards the floor, Paul picked up his duffle bag and started his way down the ramp where nearby he could hear shouting coming from two female officers as he descended the ramp after the bay had repressurized itself. As he walked down the ramp, A Security Officer approached him “Sir, May I have your transfer orders please?” as Paul unzipped the bag he was holding and rummaged through the contents and found what he was looking for and then handed over the PADD that held his transfer orders to the officer.

“May I ask if you know what that is all about Ensign?” asked Paul as he could still see the two women yelling at each other, He thought~ What the hell have I walked into here?~ as he waited for the young ensigns response to his question.
“Oh those two sir, they have been like this since the start of Alpha shift,” replied the Ensign as he placed his thumb print upon the PADD and then handed the PADD back to Paul, The Ensign continued,” I myself don’t know what is going on, However they have been warned by other Security Officers,”
“Well, Then Ensign…” replied Paul looking at the Security officer in front of him.

“Lewis Sir, Ensign Frank Lewis,” replied the young Ensign Proudly looking back at Paul, He continued,” I only arrived yesterday Sir and this is my first shift,” he finished “and this is my first assignment,” as Paul placed his PADD back into his bag as Paul started to feel sorry for the young man.
He responded,” Well, Ensign Lewis, Let’s find out what has got those two ladies so annoyed at each other,” as he started to move towards the two women followed closely by the young Ensign, Paul knew that whatever it was could be bad not serious but bad.

==Meanwhile across the shuttle bay==

Ensign Isabella Grier was not a happy woman as she looked back at her fellow Ensign who stood in front of a hover sledge and a PADD in her hands “What the hell do you call this Rachel signing for a third of what we are supposed to have?” glaring at the other Ensign in heated breath, She continued “we have been given a third of what we should have by now and you sign for this?”

“Don’t yell at me Isabella, It is not my fault that we are not being sent what we need is it for this rust bucket,” remarked Ensign Rachel Stevens who stood at 5ft 6 inches tall glaring back at Isabella, She continued,” and don’t you dare yell at PO 1 Jordan, She is just doing her job,”

“I know that Rachel, but this is a Galaxy class ship that uses Isolinear optical chips,” Isabella stated as she heard footsteps approaching as she turned round to see a Lieutenant Junior grade pip and a Security guard she had seen only yesterday on his heels. She said, “Sir, What can I do for you?” as she stood in front of Rachel. She looked at the senior Officer in front of her and hoped to god that he had not heard the shouting match between Rachel and herself. But here he was looking at her and she knew that he had heard the shouting and wanted to know what was going on.

“So Ensign...” Paul said looking at her He continued,” What the hell is going on?” as dropped his bag on the floor with a thud looking passed the ensign in front of him, He finished “ and I am talking to the both of you?”

Isabella piped up “I’m Ensign Isabella Grier and this is Ensign Rachel Stevens,” looking at Paul with a frown knowing that the thud of his bag meant that he was not in a happy mood, She continued,” Sir, the Supplies that we need for this vessel are not made anymore,” looking at Rachel for help but got none.

“So, what is the problem?” asked Paul looking at both the women as he tried to the bottom of the issue between them, as he knew the answer, but he wanted them to say it for themselves that the stress didn’t carry the supplies for the Galaxy class in stock. He said,” I am waiting?” as he looked from one to the other. ”oh and by the way I am Lieutenant Junior grade Paul Winchester, Assistant chief Operations, in case you wanted to know.

Rachel thought to herself~ Oh crap, the boss is here! ~ As she looked back at the PADD in her hands, she stated, “Sir, at this moment in time we are only getting drips and drabs of supplies as they are sent to the Starbase,” she finished her report,” as most probably we are the only Galaxy class ship out here,”
“Most probably are Ensign,” responded Paul as he started to fold his arms, He continued, “but that does not answer the question why was the both of you shouting at one another? “Posing the question again to them both.

“This is why sir,” replied Rachel as she handed the PADD to Paul, she continued,” That is all the supplies we have got for today’s shipment,” hoping that Paul would see her point. As Paul took hold of the PADD and started to scan the page.

“And what of yesterday’s Shipment Ensign?” asked Paul quietly going through the data in his hand and then glancing back up at the two ladies. “Sir, the Information was sent to the Office of the Operations chief,” responded Rachel, She continued “so, what do we do Sir?” as Paul looked up again and started to work out the plan in his head.

He turned and looked at Ensign Lewis and asked,” As the Chief come aboard yet Ensign Lewis? As he started to hope that the Chief had, Ensign Lewis responded,” No sir, He/she has not,” he finished,” Not to my knowledge if he has ,”as he knew Paul was not happy with this news.

“well then let me know as soon as he /she does arrive Ensign,” replied Paul turning back to the two female officers,” And as for you two,” he said picking up his bag once more,” All shipments are to come through my office until further notice,” he finished “and grow up your Starfleet officers not school kids,” as he left them both he said to Ensign Lewis,” Now where are my quarters? As he needed to sleep before he met with the Captain.


Lieutenant Jg Paul Winchester
Assistant Chief Ops Officer
USS Solaria
Ensign Rachel Stevens
Operations officer
USS Solaria
Ensign Isabella Grier
Operations Officer
USS Solaria
Ensign Frank Lewis (npc)
Security Officer
USS Solaria


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