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The Command Team Arrives

Posted on Mon Oct 9th, 2017 @ 6:50am by Captain Nisea & Lieutenant Christopher Jones & Lieutenant Louis Rashkae & Lieutenant JG Yla Marloen & Lieutenant JG Paul Winchester
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Mission: Episode 1: The Gamma Quadrant Awaits...
Location: Shuttlebay
Timeline: MD01 Stardate 65759.69 (2035 Hours)

Rumours of the change of command aboard the Solaria had finally been confirmed upon the Captain's return to the ship from the planet and chatter among the crew had turned to the reputation of her new commander. Although Nisea had not confirmed to anyone who the person would be, the rumour mill continued to turn and speculation had now named two people. A Bajoran who had once suffered the ignominy of having his ship stolen by the Consortium or a Trill who had seen her ship destroyed by a hull eating bacterial virus engineered by the same Consortium criminals.

Whoever it was had ordered a change of command ceremony, full dress uniforms and as many of the ships personnel as possible to fit into the shuttlebay. Whoever it was clearly liked the idea of pomp and ceremony - a significant departure from the reign of Captain Nisea.

The familiar tone of the shrill botswains whistle signaled that the time had come and summoned everyone to arrive in short order.

In the back at the side, Yla was tugging at her dress whites which she felt were hardly in place. Full blacks felt more suitable, but alas, orders were orders at least so she was there to watch the circus while just making a mental note of how her previous assignment would pretty much fit in the place. At least her people had done their best to clear out and clean up the space best they could.

Lieutenant Commander Jennifer Jurot, a Betazoid who had boarded the ship at Starbase 565 as Acting Strategic Operations Officer by order of Admiral Ramsey, stood near the markings on the floor that indicated where the shuttle would land. She had been through enough of these ceremonies to know that the senior staff would be required to be at the front to greet their new captain. Whilst she wasn’t technically a bridge officer, she was senior by virtue of rank. This also allowed her to stand away from the crowd that she hadn’t got to know yet. Awkward wasn’t the word to describe how she felt in this situation.

Having just joined the ship himself, Topher knew very little of the crew, and like many others seemed to be hanging at the back of the room. The new Chief Engineer was partly inspecting his surroundings. He came dressed as instructed, not really knowing what to expect or really what was going to happen.

Having heard the rumours that a change in command was on the way, Paul Winchester had returned to his quarters and knew that dress whites were to be worn and had changed into them, he had noticed that the dress whites had changed over the years with his now being a white undershirt with a black jacket with Yellow strip across the breast signifying his department with black Pants and the strip down the side of them.

Now here he was in the shuttle bay standing in the front of those that were in his Department waiting for the show to begin, still he had to meet the Chief Engineer and check in with him to see if he had received his allotted spares and parts that had been requested, He also hoped that the two Ensign’s he had met when he had arrived had made up.

Rashkae stepped into the shuttle bay- resplendent in white. He sort of hated having to dress up and show everyone his accomplishments. He rather preferred to be understated. Stepping into the line as the Science department head he nodded to the others.

“=/\=All hands, incoming Shuttlecraft. Final call for senior officers to report to the main shuttlebay,” a voice called over the internal communications array.

Captain Nisea, in her dark uniform with the white undershirt entered the shuttlebay, seemingly the last of the gathered personnel as her presence seemed to illicit a moment of silence from the crowd, almost as if a moment of remembrance for the dead. She stopped in her tracks for a moment and eyed the crowd. With a deep inhale of air she began to stride forward, stood tall and proud, determined to show that she was not humiliated or defeated by the ridiculous decision of Starfleet to replace her.

Reaching the senior staff, the Captain slid into position beside the Tactical officer and gave Rawlings a nod before taking a deep breath and staring in the direction of the shuttlebay doors, as if to give the cue for the ships arrival.

Right on cue, the massive bay doors of the shuttlebay lifted to their hidden position to reveal the forcefield and stars beyond as the incoming shuttle came into view and began its final approach to the shuttlebay. Within seconds the nose of the craft pierced the forcefield and the internal tractor beam guided the transport into the bay. High in the air, the shuttle turned to show its aft side and exit door to the crew. It slowed and lowered into its resting place just inches from the gathered senior staff and those other officers there present.

As the aft ramp began to lower and reveal the internal compartment, Nisea took another deep breath as the crab like claws on the back of her head flexed. “Here they come...” she whispered to no one in particular.

Exuding only confidence as he made his way off the shuttle to stand before the throng that greeted them, Commander Seth Cohen, the newly appointed Executive Officer to the Solaria, appeared collected. Stoic. Inwardly, he thought: My god, what I have I gotten myself into?

Exiting behind the new executive Officer for the ship, the new commanding officer finally revealed themselves to the crew, stepping down the ramp in their pristine dress uniform the new Captain came to a halt at the bottom of the ramp and took a second to take in their surroundings.

Eventually, the Captain looked at the outgoing commanding officer and gave a nod to signal the official change of command process to take place.

Nisea stepped forward and begrudgingly took the data PADD passed to her by a nearby Ensign. "Attention to orders," the Syllian began. "To Captain Nisea, Commanding Officer, USS Solaria. Stardate 65759.69. You are hereby requested and required to relinquish command of your vessel to Captain Nilani Azulas, Command Attache, Deep Space Eleven, as of this date. Signed, Vice Admiral Lauren Archer, commander of Gamma Quadrant Starfleet forces."

Nisea took another breath as she passed the data PADD back to the Ensign and completed the transfer of command. "Computer, transfer all command codes to Captain Nilani Azulas. Voice authorization: Nisea-Alpha-Six-Three."

The computer quickly gave its reply. "Transfer complete. USS Solaria now under command of Captain Nilani Azulas."

With a broad smile on her spotted face, her brunette hair up in a much more sophisticated hairdo than usual for her, Nilani Azulas looked at Nisea and clearly stated her readiness for the job. "I relieve you, ma'am."

After a second or two of hesitation, Nisea reluctantly responded with the customary "I stand relieved," before stepping back into the crowd of senior officers.

Azulas looked around at her assembled crew and whilst the Solaria was certainly no match for the Nogura she had lost, she couldn't help but feel a great sense of pride at being given the job of leading the Solaria into the depths of the Gamma Quadrant. "The last twelve months have been incredibly trying for Starfleet here in the Gamma Quadrant," she called out as she opted to address the people she inherited. "As we go forth and return to the mission of scientific exploration that Starfleet is famous for, we must ensure we learn from the mistakes of the past. With our assignment here there will be new security procedures put in place. We will forever remember the losses we suffered and ensure those who lost their lives did not do so in vain. The Consortium threat as a whole may be over, but remnants exist," the Captain declared sternly. "We will make sure that we bring any last traitors to justice and we will protect the people of our new home. I swear to you all now- I will use every single weapon in our arsenal to complete our mission."

After a moments pause, the Captain changed tact with her speech. "Commander Cohen and I are a new command team. There may be bumps along the way, but we are committed to the cause and we will do all we can to make this ship one that Starfleet can be proud of. Starting at zero-nine-hundred tomorrow, we will be moving to a three shift rotation. Department heads will submit modified duty rosters to the XO in the next three hours. We are slated for departure tomorrow at zero-nine-thirty tomorrow. Ensure we are ready for departure, but make sure you get some rest too; once we leave, it may be a while until we get shore leave again. Dismissed," the Trill called out.

"Depart, gosh the woman is mad unless she has packed a couple hundred members of the corps of engineers and spare parts in that shuttle." Yla said under her breath still well clear of the main procedures with just a few noncoms around her some of which shot an understanding look, clearly not minding the tone set, some others however looked less pleased.

Paul thought ~Dammit, we don't have all the supplies yet and she want's to ship out,~ as he knew that he now had to change the rosters as he was in charge for the moment and turned on his heels and headed for deck 2.

Commander Jurot had observed everything and respected the new commanders speech. She nodded slowly with a smile on her face as she did an about face and departed the bay to get to work.

Stepping to the side, the Trill commander called over her predecessor and the two shared a very hushed conversation, one that seemed to surprise and confuse the Syllian in equal measure. To the surprise of those that remained and watched, the two shared a respectful hand shake before parting company via two different doors to the shuttlebay.

Topher also made his leave, there was much to be done in Engineering and not a whole lot of time to do it. His 'To Do' list was ever growing and he hoped any more ceremonies and distractions would be optional events.

Louis simply shrugged and turned towards the door to exit. It didn't change his department much, but his brain was already working on ways to turn his department into a three shift one, and keep people happy doing their jobs. It was rare that people actually liked an overnight shift.


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