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Morning Musings

Posted on Tue Oct 10th, 2017 @ 5:13pm by Lieutenant Louis Rashkae

Mission: Episode 1: The Gamma Quadrant Awaits...
Location: Starbase 565 Visitor Quarters
Timeline: MD01 Stardate 65759.69 (0500 Hours)

Louis stared into the cup of coffee that he held, and sighed as the liquid in it was the precise color of his mother's eyes. He couldn't help but think back on the day he left Mariposa, it had rained, unseasonably hard. Mother had said it was because the very gods of Mariposa weeping for their children- for he was as much a child of the colony as he was a child of Bajor. Some days he missed the earth under his bare feet, especially when preparing for a stressful mission. But returning was out of the question, now that he'd touched the stars.

It was odd what things stuck with a boy, from home, and what things were left by the wayside on one's travels. He'd gone from farm-boy to botanist aboard a Starship, to the chief of a department. Chief Science Officer. Chief Science Officer aboard a Galaxy Class Starship. It's almost too much to take in. Spoon clinking against the side of the cup- he shoved it away almost violently.

Louis stood and stretched backwards his back cracking loudly. He was unbearably stiff, and his neck was sore. Shame that he didn't have a nice nurse or someone to give him a massage. He'd spent too much time reading and bent over a microscope, and not enough time taking care of the rest of him. Though, probably this was due to his setup of his quarters the past few days. The moving of furniture was difficult even with a grav-lift. He'd enjoyed the station while waiting for the Solaria to reach him, and he'd enjoyed it as he was getting himself settled it. Now, he was going to enjoy one more thing before officially reporting aboard his new ship. A swim and a soak in the Jacuzzi. If nothing else it might just make his neck feel better. Packing a bag with a towel and a bathing suit, took all of a few minutes.

Walking the corridors took the flame haired man to the side of the pool
that was in the gymnasium area. Switching from clothing to swim trunks, left him with a neat pile beside his gym bag. Padding out with bare feet, silent he approached the still water of the pool. It was lovely, the flat still surface of the clear water. With a graceful dive he entered the water. Surfacing and shaking the water from his hair and eyes, he began his old morning routine. 10 laps each of crawl, breast and sidestroke, passed by and panting he levered himself out of the pool.

What a Delightful swim, I should do this more often he thought to himself as he walked to the hot tub.

He stepped in with a quiet sigh of delight, walked into the deep end of the pool and promptly sank down to his neck. "Ahhhh" His hand came up to rub his neck absently. One last moment of paradise before duty called him home.


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